Agency Metrics 2005

Agency Mission:

  • Protect human health and the environment while providing permission for safe industrial, agricultural, commercial, and governmental operation vital to a prosperous economy.

Statewide Initiatives:

Annual Savings & Efficiencies - Elimination of Mgt Level ($000) $405 Headcount Budget 30-Jun-05
1078 902

Agency Metrics:

Agency Metrics Result Target Comments
Quality of Hoosiers' Environment
% of Hoosiers that live in counties that meet air quality standards 80% 100% 80% 4 counties @ 1,219,765 of 6,195,643 failed
% of CSO Communities with approved programs to prevent the release of untreated sewage 6% 100% 20% 75% by 2007 is goal

Permitting Efficiency
Total calendar days accumulated in issuing environmental permits, as determined by state statute

Land 81,303 37,430 86,864  
Air 614,433 207,731 385,000 Commissioner holding issuance until permit conditions resolved.
Water 296,558 44,550 200,000  
* Places emphasis on back logged permits

Total percentage of compliance observations from regulated customers within acceptable compliance standards

Inspections 94.44% 97% 75%  
Self reporting 96.97% 99% 95%  
Continuous monitoring (COM) 98.95% 99.9% 98.95%  
* Tracks observations and not just inspections

Organizational Transformation
Budgetary agency dollars spent on key outside contracts for core agency functions.

Dollars spent on outside services per year $6,179,367 $0 $3,447,017 Will require increase in head count to accomplish

Fundamental Change Initiatives:

  • Create a mechanism to track total $ spent on outside services. The system is in-place but has a PeopleSoft™/GMIS module issue. It can track total spent but it is cumbersome to track individual contracts.


  • Eliminated a Management Level generating $405,250 in annual savings, included a Chief-of-Staff and 3 Deputy Commissioners.
  • Head count: 894 Full time plus 8 Part time (902) verses a budget goal of 1078, includes part time and intermittent
  • Surplused vehicles 15.6%
  • General fund budget reduction, per Ways and Means, totaling $1,303,593 FY'06
  • General fund and dedicated fund budget reduction, per State Budget Agency, totaling $4,405,699 FY'06
  • SWCAP contribution totaling $628,221