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IDEM > Compliance > Land Compliance > Hazardous Waste > Hazardous Waste: ID Numbers, Reporting, Fees, and Manifests > How to Obtain a New RCRA ID Number How to Obtain a New RCRA ID Number

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires anyone who handles hazardous waste to notify IDEM (as authorized by U.S. EPA) of their regulated waste activities. To obtain a RCRA Identification number you must complete and submit U.S. EPA form 8700-12 , the Notification of Regulated Waste Activity form (aka RCRA Subtitle C Site ID form) to IDEM.

Please read all of the instructions below and in the instruction booklet carefully before completing this form. The form should be signed and sent via U.S. mail to the address below. The form with the original signature is required for our records. Copies may be faxed, but we must receive the original signed form before the ID number will become valid.

Send forms to:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Land Quality
Regulatory Reporting Section
100 N. Senate Ave., Rm. 1101
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

Updates to an Existing RCRA ID Number: Hazardous Waste Handler Identification Form (HID)

If you already have an ID number and need to update any information you should use the Handler ID form. This form displays the information currently contained in IDEM's records for your facility. Click on the link below to request a Handler ID form for your facility.

Generator Category

You must determine which generator classification is correct for your installation. If you notify as a "Generator greater than 1000 kg/mo (2200 lbs)" you are a Large Quantity Generator and are subject to all applicable regulations under Subtitle C of RCRA including the Biennial Report. You are also subject to annual Generator fees under Indiana statue IC 13-22-12-3.

If you notify as a "Generator 100 to 1000 kg/mo (220-2200 lbs)" you are a Small Quantity Generator and are subject to IC 13-22-4-3.1 which requires you to submit an annual report summarizing your hazardous waste shipments for each year.

Location Changes

The RCRA ID number is site-specific. If your installation changes locations, a new notification is required and you will receive a new ID number. Please note in the comments that the ID number for your old location needs to be deactivated. You may not use your old ID number for your new location.

Ownership Changes

If your installation changes ownership, a Handler ID Form must be submitted in hard copy with an original wet-ink signature before the new owner may use the ID number.

Other Changes

If your installation changes generator categories, mailing address, contact person, etc. or if it stops handling hazardous waste or goes out of business you should notify IDEM in writing so that our records can be kept up to date. To notify IDEM of these changes you should use the Hazardous Waste Handler Identification (HID) form. You may also use the US U.S. EPA RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form 8700-12.

One-Time Disposals

If the purpose of your notification is a one-time disposal for a clean-up, underground storage tank removal or any other one-time occurrence, please enter "one-time disposal" in the comment section of the form. When the disposal is complete and the ID number is no longer needed, you will need to notify IDEM in writing in order to deactivate the ID number. If you notify IDEM that you no longer need the number, you may not use the number again until you submit a subsequent notification.

Reference Lists For Handler ID Form

You may view or download the following documents to assist in filling out the U.S. EPA RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification form 8700-12 or the Handler ID form.


For questions about the notification form and/or process, or questions on how to determine your generator status or waste stream classification, contact the Office of Land Quality at (317) 233-0066, or via email at "olqregulatoryreporting at".