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IDEM > Forms > NPDES Form 2E Application Package > Form 2E Supplemental Instructions Form 2E Supplemental Instructions

In order to avoid unnecessary effort, please read all instructions carefully before completing the applications. In addition, you may disregard all reference to the EPA ID number when completing these forms unless an ID number has already been obtained from EPA.


Form 2E is to be completed only for facilities with current or planned direct discharges of nonprocess wastewater, and which do not discharge process wastewater. (It must not be used by dischargers of storm water runoff only. U.S. EPA has developed a separate application Form 2F for storm water discharges.) Additionally, a General Information Form must be completed and submitted with Form 2E. Other forms are available for existing dischargers of process wastewater (Form 2C) and for those industries with proposed facilities which are new sources or new dischargers of process wastewater (Form 2D). Public Water Supplies with a direct discharge of filter backwash or lime softener wastewater should complete and submit a Public Water Supply Permit Application Package. These application forms may be obtained by calling 317/233-0468.

In addition to the above, an "Application for Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated With Industrial Activity" (Form 2F) may need to be submitted. The facilities covered by this requirement are included in the Federal Regulation 40 CFR 122.26(b)(14). Form 2F must be submitted if the industry is included in the definition and there are point source discharges which are composed entirely of storm water and/or if storm water is combined with either process or nonprocess wastewater. For further information and to request the 2F form, call 317/233-6725 and ask for the Storm Water Desk.

Application Requirements

For the purpose of completing this application, this Agency shall consider the following waters to be nonprocess wastewaters: (1) sanitary wastewater (including restaurant or cafeteria wastes); (2) once-through noncontact cooling waters; (3) cooling tower blowdown (except from those industries for which cooling tower blowdown is considered a process wastewater, i.e. steam electric power plants); (4) water from stone, sand, and gravel quarries; and (5) water used solely for intake screen backwash. If the above wastewaters are not the sole contributors to a discharge, you will need to complete Form 2C (existing dischargers of process wastewater) or Form 2D (proposed new sources or new dischargers of process wastewater).

Special care should be taken by all industries when determining whether a pollutant may be present in a discharge. All water additives used at your facility should be examined with respect to their active ingredients. Specifically, this Agency requests that the information listed in the Application for Approval to Use Water Treatment Additives be submitted as a supplement to your application. If no additives are used, please make a statement to that effect in your transmittal letter.

The inclusion of a flow diagram would be helpful in drafting the permit. In addition, a separate narrative description of your manufacturing or materials processing operation should be included to aid the permit writer in preparing the permit. The manufacturing description may be included as a part of Item 13 of the General Information Form.

As is the case with some permittees, the expiration date of the current permit may pass before a renewal permit is issued. However, if an application for permit renewal is submitted in a complete and timely manner, the current permit will remain in full force and effect, pursuant to IC 13-18-19-1, notwithstanding the expiration date, until a renewal permit becomes effective.

Water Treatment Additives Information

Dischargers who utilize water treatment additives in their treatment systems must include the requested information in the Application for Approval to use Water Treatment Additives. This information must also be provided any time that water treatment additives are changed during the term of the NPDES permit. Approval from the IDEM is required prior to the use of any water treatment additive.

Identification of Potentially Affected Persons

Please see the enclosed form, "Identification of Potentially Affected Persons". Include with the completed application the attached form to fully identify all persons, by name and mailing address, who may be affected by the issuance of this permit (i.e. the discharge from the facility). These parties may include but not necessarily be limited to adjoining landowners, persons with a proprietary interest, or the first downstream non-adjacent property owner. Also, include the name of any fish and wildlife or conservation groups, downstream marinas, etc., which may be potentially affected, and/or persons who may have expressed concern regarding the discharge. Failure to fully identify a potentially affected person may result in any issued permit being challenged and rendered null and void.