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Indiana Department of Environmental Management

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A. Background Information

1) Location:
INAAP is located approximately 10 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.
2) Size:
INAAP is comprised of 10,649 acres in Clark County, Indiana.
3) Population:
Clark County has a population of 88,800 people, of which 5,780 reside in Charlestown. Clark County has 848 farms with a total acreage of 128,000 of which 88,000 acres are used for cropland.
4) History:
The INAAP construction began in 1941, and the facilities produced large quantities of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin based propellants and explosives during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Numerous laboratory and storage facilities were also built to support the production operations.
5) Mission:
Activities between the war periods were generally limited to maintaining the Government owned contractor operated (GOCO) facilities in a state of readiness.

B. Environmental Issues

The Department of the Army excessed an 858.63 acre parcel of land from the 10,649 acre Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. Very few INAAP operations occurred in the static test area or old burning ground on the subject 858.63-acre parcel, but there were several extended periods where environmentally significant operations outside the subject parcel occurred within the Fourteen Mile Creek watershed. These areas are the: North Ash Settling Basin, Old Landfill, Black Powder Area and Propellants & Explosives (P&E) Sinkhole.

An enhanced Preliminary Assessment (Enright et al., 1990) prepared for the subject parcel, identified surface drainage as the primary pathway in which contaminants could migrate from these contaminant sources to the subject parcel. The study recommended a chemical sampling and analysis program to examine surface water/sediments

C. Site status

IDEM has reviewed the SI for the 858.63 acre parcel, toured the parcel to view site conditions, and have met with representatives to discuss their findings. IDEM has determined that it is acceptable to excess the 858 acre parcel of land from the INAAP and to allow acquisition of the parcel by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for use as a park, preserve, or recreation facility. The U.S. Army is in the process of excessing an additional 1,125 acre parcel. An INAAP Installation Restoration Program summary chart is attached.

IDEM staff participated in a site visit on 1-3 May 1995. The purpose of the visit was to provide government agencies first hand knowledge about the installation. A majority of the 87 sites under investigation were visited. IDEM, U.S. EPA, AEC, and INAAP representatives discussed the projected schedule of the RI and analytical procedures to be used.

IDEM received the Preliminary Assessment (PA) on June 1, 1995. The purpose of the PA was to collect sufficient information related to 13 potential areas of concern at INAAP, to assess the threat posed to human health and the environment, and to determine the need for additional appropriate action.

On October 5, 1995, IDEM received revisions to the Draft Remedial Investigation Sampling and Analysis Plan. Also received was a comment response document. IDEM is in the process of reviewing the Army's responses.

Provided guidance to ICI Explosives concerning Indiana drilling regulations and handling of Investigative Derived Waste (IDW).

Received and began review of additional Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Draft 1995 Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).

Received a letter dated April 1, 1996, requesting guidance concerning Stratigraphic Confirmation Coring Program Phase I RI. ICI will be performing exploratory bedrock coring to generate facility-wide data on INAAP subsurface hydrogeological conditions. This data will be used to facilitate accurate risk evaluation of potential contamination encountered during the INAAP RI.

On May 16, completed review and provided guidance concerning drilling fluid/cutting disposal during the Stratigraphic Confirmation Coring Program. On June 12, participated in a site visit to examine locations of 13 stratigraphic coring locations.