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Insurance Requirements

Charter schools authorized by the Indiana Charter School Board ("ICSB") are required to indemnify the ICSB, the IDOE, any related entities, and their respective members, officers, employees, officials and agents.

In addition, charter schools must obtain liability insurance coverage naming the ICSB and the IDOE as Additional Insured on a primary, non-contributory basis. Schools must submit a copy of the endorsement reflecting these additions to the ICSB within the 90 days of charter agreement execution.

For a list of the insurance requirements for charter schools authorized by the ICSB, please read the ICSB Insurance Requirements for Charter Schools document. Please note: all coverage must be obtained from a licensed insurance carrier that is rated A or better by A.M. BEST or a comparable rating service.

Two local insurance agents with significant charter schools experience include: Gregory & Appel Insurance and Dezelan Insurance Agency. Note that neither of these agencies is affiliated with the ICSB. Schools are welcome to work with other insurance agents that can provide the insurance coverage specified above.