Destroying Records

Destroying Records Indiana Archives and Records Administration

Destroying records is essential to maintaining effective records systems. But records should NOT be destroyed without full and formal authorization beforehand. Understanding the steps involved with, and consequences of, disposition and destruction will help ensure disposal actions are performed appropriately and in keeping with Indiana requirements.

Electronic Media Destruction

State agencies wishing to destroy electronic media may do so through IARA's Electronic Media Destruction Program. Under this program, IARA will pick up and ensure destruction of all electronic media, including floppy disks, compact discs, and tape-based media, at a cost of $0.60 per pound. To begin the process, please complete and submit SF 16 - Records Disposition Notification, to IARA as outlined on the form. All charges will be ID billed by the State Records Center.

Please note that the destruction of hard drives is managed by the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). When destroying hard drives, please follow IOT's PC Removal Policy (12-02).

For more information about IARA's Electronic Media Destruction Program, please contact:

Marilyn Fernandez
MaFernandez at

Shredding Program

The Archives and Records Administration (IARA) provides confidential paper shredding services to State agencies within Marion County. IARA will provide the agency with secured shredding bins as well as pickup and delivery of bins, when necessary. IARA charges $0.125 per pound of paper weight shredded; the agency is ID billed on a monthly basis. There are no additional service charges associated with this program.

Agency offices located outside of Marion County may use a third-party vendor, subject to IARA approval. All destruction must be completed subject to IC 5-14-3-7, which governs the destruction of public records.

For more information about the Records Center Shredding Program or to enter into an MOU to begin the confidential destruction of agency records, please contact:

Marilyn Fernandez
MaFernandez at