Events & Programs

Preservation Cleaning And Mending Workshop

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 | 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. | Indiana State Archives

Preservation Cleaning and Mending Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop in which participants will learn to dry-clean and mend dirty, torn documents without using tape.  

Preservation methods will be included throughout the workshop and participants will learn the reasons for using specific supplies and techniques. Each participant will receive a tool-kit to take with them as well as a list of resources from which to purchase archival supplies.

The 2 1/2 hour workshop is limited to 12 seats.

To reserve a spot in this workshop, please call 317-591-5222 or email

Preservation Week Road Show

April 22, 2017 | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. | Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center

Preservation Week Road Show 2017

Learn the value of historic objects in your family collections and how to best care for and preserve them for future generations. This free opportunity to consult with professional  appraisers , conservators and digital photographers comes once a year.

New this year, guests have an opportunity to work with IHS Digitization staff to receive free digital scans of their items. "Bringing appraisers and conservators together is a unique addition to the popular road show format, and a great opportunity for our guests to discover more about their valued family heirlooms," says IHS President and CEO John Herbst. "This year guests may choose to have certain types of objects digitized for free as part of the event." Guests can register for specific 15-minute time slots with the consultant of their choosing. Your appointment is free and includes parking and same-day admission to the Indiana Experience.

As with other road show events, there are size limitations and other restrictions for type of object brought to the event, details can be found online. 

Elizabeth Hague of the Indiana Archives and Records Administration was one of the conservators attending the Preservation Week Road Show where she focused on documents and manuscripts.

You can learn more about this wonderful event by visiting: 2017 Preservation Week Road Show.


1816 State Constitutional Delegate Memorial Ceremonies

June 9-29, 2016 | Statewide

In June 2016, in celebration of Indiana’s Bicentennial, the Indiana Archives and Records Administration will be honoring the Founders of Indiana: forty-three early settlers who met in Corydon two-hundred years ago to establish Indiana’s statehood and write its first Constitution. During the month of June the Archives staff is planning a series of graveside memorials to honor these early pioneers. From June 9 to June 29, 2016, we’ll be traveling around the state to memorialize each 1816 State Constitutional Delegate with a public ceremony at his burial site. Each event will feature an IARA staff person serving as Master of Ceremonies, a keynote speaker who will share information about the delegate’s life and achievements, a flag ceremony, a wreath-laying, and in some cases military honors and/or music.

Please see our expanded Constitutional Delegate Memorials page for more information, including the overview of events taking place in June. More details (such as the names of speakers) to be added as they become available. Note that all times are subject to change, but will be accurately updated as we receive new information.


State Historic Records Board Opens Application Period for Historical Document Preservation and Digitization Grant!

The Indiana State Historic Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) announces the availability of two grant opportunities, Archival Assessment and Digitization Grants. The archival assessment grant allows for institutions to hire a consultant to analyze the conditions of historical records and report recommendations. Digitization grants are available as a means for entities to digitize specific types of records that may currently be at risk. The digitization of these documents will allow citizens and interested parties greater access to these records through preservation and online availability.

The SHRAB is providing grant funds of up to $5,000, requiring a local match in cash or in‐kind of an equal amount of the total project cost. These grants will be available to not‐for‐profit organizations and units of local government in the State of Indiana. Priority will be given to institutions whose records are currently at risk. The grant funds are provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the National Archives.

“The State Archives and Indiana SHRAB are pleased to provide this opportunity to preserve and make accessible the historic records of Indiana, primarily those at risk of being lost forever,” says Jim Corridan, State Coordinator of the Indiana SHRAB.

“This grant could make the difference in successfully completing future research or family history.”


Electronic Records Awareness and Celebration

October 7-10, 2015 | Indianapolis, IN

E-Records Day 2015 poster

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA) invites you to join the archival community in celebrating Electronic Records Day on October 10!

Created by the Council of State Archivists and designated by the Archivist of the United States David Ferriero, head of the National Archives and Records Administration, 10.10 was chosen to symbolize bits and bytes in the computing world.

Sponsored by the Indiana Archives and Records Administration (IARA), the recognition of Electronic Records Day seeks to make Hoosiers more aware of electronic records and the challenges involved in managing and preserving them. As more and more official and personal business is conducted electronically, what action is needed to make sure our important electronic records survive and can still be read 200 years from now? IARA has put together a downloadable poster to raise awareness about digital records and is providing additional resources in preparation for Saturday, October 10th.​