Withdrawal Guidelines

The information contained in this publication is provided as a public service and intended for general use.  These withdrawal guidelines are the recommendations of an independent third party (RCI/RMTC).

Any person following these withdrawal guidelines does so at their own risk. The IHRC enforces the adopted thresholds without regard to RCI/RMTC's withdrawal guidelines. All trainers are responsible for any drug positives over the HRC's adopted thresholds.

Indiana participates in the RCI/RMTC National Uniform Medication Program.  By clicking here (http://rmtcnet.com) you will be taken to the RMTC's website.  From there, you will need to click on the Withdrawal Times Database.  After agreeing to the disclaimer, you will be taken to the list of therapeutic drugs. You will need to filter the list to see those relevant to Indiana.  Included with this list is the recommended administration and route of administration.  Please read the warning at the beginning and note the footnotes at the bottom of each page regarding disclaimers.