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Episode Nine // Zerelda G. Wallace: Temperance, Suffrage, and the Good Book

December 1, 2017

Episode Nine Thanks, Credits and Notes

Author Interview: Wendy Gamber on the Notorious Mrs. Clem

November 1, 2017


Wendy Gamber Interview: Thanks, Credits, and Notes


Episode Eight // Haunted Hoosier History: Ghost Stories from the Pages of History

October 2, 2017

Episode Eight Thanks, Credits, and Notes

Episode Seven // Spanish Influenza: The Deadly Malady Hits Indiana

September 1, 2017

Episode Seven Thanks, Credits, and Notes

Episode Seven is based on research by Jill Weiss.
Read Jill Weiss's Blogging Hoosier History post: "War, Plague, and Courage: Spanish Influenza at Fort Benjamin Harrison & Indianapolis"

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About Talking Hoosier History

Join us on the first of every month for a new episode of Talking Hoosier History featuring a significant person or event in Indiana History.  Each episode is based on research conducted by Indiana Historical Bureau staff and features newspaper articles from Hoosier State Chronicles, Indiana’s digital historic newspaper database. The project is operated by the Indiana State Library with financial support from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services along with the National Endowment for Humanities’ National Digital Newspaper Program. 

Your Host

Lindsey Beckley is a born and raised Hoosier. She attended Ball State University, where she obtained a degree in public history. She fell in love with history after a visit to Connor Prairie in 4th grade and made it her life goal to work there one day. Directly after college, she achieved that goal and so everything since then has been icing on the cake. She joined the IHB team in 2015 and has loved having the opportunity to learn all the unique stories the history of her state holds. Now, she’s beyond excited to bring those stories to you in her favorite form of media, podcasts.

Your Podcasting Team

Jill Weiss is also a lifelong Hoosier, hailing from "the Region." She's been with IHB for almost a decade and especially loves Indiana art and music history.  Her master's thesis on Indiana artist William Merritt Chase is coming soon, she swears. Jilly is also a musician and lends her ear to recording, editing, and mixing  all of the great voices, music, and sound effects that makes THH a lively story-telling podcast. She posts on the Hoosier State Chronicles blog and at Blogging Hoosier History.
Justin Clark is the project assistant for Hoosier State Chronicles and host of our podcast's "Newspaper Corner." Born in Shelbyville, Justin is another life-long Hoosier with a passion for history, sparked by his first trip to the Lincoln boyhood home when he was just seven. He holds an MA in Public History from IUPUI and wrote his thesis on the freethinking orator Robert Ingersoll. He loves religious history,  intellectual history, reading, spending time with his wife, Kalie and their cat, Bowie, and geeking out to hard rock and heavy metal. He also posts on on the Hoosier State Chronicles blog. Follow him @HS_Chronicles

Episodes Coming Soon:

Episode Ten // Zerelda Wallace's Call to the Suffrage Struggle // December 1