Patrice J. Warren

Patrice J. and John Phillip Warren
Patrice J. and John Phillip Warren

Name: Patrice J. Warren

Tribe: North Eastern Band of Cherokee

Tribal Position: None.

Profession: Accountant.

Education: College degree.

Favorite Sports: Football & volleyball.

Hobbies/Special Interests: Sewing and dancing.

Religion: Native traditions.

Ways you celebrate being an American Indian: Pow wows, dancing, feast, longhouse ceremonies.

Ways you preserve your culture and heritage: Listening to Elders, going to ceremonies, teaching family, especially children, grandchildren, so they can carry the heritage and culture to their children.

Do you speak your tribal language? No.

Misconceptions: People thinking all Indians are dark skin or have black hair.

Offensive words/actions: Squaws, redskins, engine, “How much Indian are you?” and “You don’t look Indian.”