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The Richmond Group Artists

Shaun Thomas Dingwerth

This is the untold story of a group of artists whose interest in fostering art in their community made an authentic contribution to the history of art in America. Taking for their subjects the local people, flora, and landscapes, they developed a distinctive impressionistic style, uninfluenced by other art movements in Indiana. Richmond, Indiana, became an important center for art in the Midwest, a place that nourished and inspired the artists whose work this book celebrates.

2014 / 198 pp / 9780253011985 / $40.00
Order No. 1500

William J. Forsyth: The Life and Works of an Indiana Artist

Rachel Berenson Perry

Closely associated with artists such as T. C. Steele and J. Ottis Adams, William J. Forsyth studied at the Royal Academy in Munich then returned home to paint what he knew best—the Indiana landscape. It proved a rewarding subject. His paintings were exhibited nationally and received major awards. With full-color reproductions of Forsyth’s most important paintings and previously unpublished photographs of the artist and his work, this book showcases Forsyth’s fearless experiments with artistic styles and subjects. Drawing on his personal letters and other sources, Rachel Berenson Perry discusses Forsyth and his art and offers fascinating insights into his personality, his relationships with his students, and his lifelong devotion to teaching and educating the public about the importance of art.

2014 / 172 pp / 9780253011770 / $35.00
Order No. 1502

Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters

David Leander Williams

Get into the music with David Leander Williams as he charts the rise and fall of Indiana Avenue, the Majestic Entertainment Boulevard of Indianapolis, which produced some of the nation’s most influential jazz artists. The performance venues that once lined the vibrant thoroughfare were an important stop on the Chitlin’ Circuit and provided platforms for greats like Freddie Hubbard and Jimmy Coe. Through this biography of the bustling street, meet scores of the other musicians who came to prominence in the avenue’s heyday, including trombonist J.J. Johnson and guitarist Wes Montgomery, as well as songwriters like Noble Sissle and Leroy Carr.

2014 / 208 pp / 9781626194038 / $19.99
Order No. 1505

Paint and Canvas: A Life of T.C. Steele

Rachel Berenson Perry

At the age of fourteen, a young man in Waveland, Indiana, had taken over the family farm after the death of his father. Now responsible for taking care of his widowed mother and supporting his four brothers, he took up the reins on the plow to begin preparing the field for planting. Family legend has it that the young farmer, Theodore Clement Steele, tied colored ribbons to the handles of the plow so that he could watch the ribbons in the wind and the effect that they had on the [surrounding] colors. Recognizing Steele s passion for art, his mother supported his choice to make his living as an artist. He realized he had chosen a difficult path, writing in his journal: To do this requires a systematic devotion to the one object of my life, the bending of all things to the one. And this presupposes a clear understanding of the main object or purpose, so clear that there will be no mistaking it for a moment. Written by author and art historian Rachel Berenson Perry, Paint and Canvas: A Life of T. C. Steele, the eighth volume in the Indiana Historical Society Press's youth biography series, traces the path of Steele s career as an artist from his early studies in Germany to his determination to paint what he knew best, the Indiana landscape. Steele, along with fellow artists William Forsyth, Otto Stark, Richard Gruelle, and J. Ottis Adams, became a member of the renowned Hoosier Group and became a leader in the development of Midwestern art. In addition to creating artwork, Steele wrote and gave lectures, served on numerous art juries to select paintings and prizes for national and international exhibitions, and helped organize pioneering art associations and societies. Though known today primarily for his landscapes, Steele was an accomplished and sought-after portrait artist. By the time of his death, he had painted many of Indiana's most prominent citizens, including President Benjamin Harrison, Vice President Charles Fairbanks, Colonel Eli Lilly, James Whitcomb Riley, Catherine Merrill, William Lowe Bryan, and Lyman S. Ayres, among others. In 1907 Steele and his second wife, Selma Neubacher, moved to Brown County, where they built their home, dubbed The House of the Singing Winds for the aural treats produced as the wind blew through the wire of the screened porches surrounding the house. From 1907 to 1921 the Steeles spent the spring season at their Brown County property and wintered in Indianapolis. In 1922 Steele became artist in residence and an honorary professor at Indiana University.

cloth / 191 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 978-0871952950 / $17.95
Order No. 2903

Art Matters

Eileen Prince

Art MattersThis collection of ideas and lesson plans will help classroom and homeschool teachers integrate art into their general curriculum. These inventive and effective methods use the visual arts to inspire creative writing and drama; explore math, music, science, and history; and cultivate critical thinking skills. Art instructors will learn strategies for incorporating other areas of study into the art classroom. Ranging from thought-provoking suggestions to concrete, hands-on lesson plans, these activities include an extensive resource list for classroom teachers without an art background. 

paper / 191 pp. / 2002 / ISBN 978-1-569761-29-8 / $27.92
Order No. 2831

Cole Porter

William McBrien

Cole Porter by William McBrien

In his life and in his music, Cole Porter was "the top"—the pinnacle of wit, sophistication, and success. His songs—"I Get a Kick Out of You," "Anything Goes," and hundreds more—were instant pop hits, and their musical and emotional depths have made them lasting standards.

William McBrien has captured the creator of these songs, whose life was not merely one of wealth and privilege. A prodigal young man, Porter found his emotional anchor in a long, loving, if sexless marriage, a relationship he repeatedly risked with a string of affairs with men. His last eighteen years were marked by physical agony but also unstinting artistic achievement, including the great Hollywood musicals "High Society," "Silk Stockings," and "Kiss Me Kate" (recently and very successfully revived on Broadway). Here, at last, is a life that informs the great music and lyrics through illuminating glimpses of the hidden, complicated, private man.

paper / 1998 / ISBN 0-394-58235-7 / $16.95
Order No. 2793

Real Stories of Big Cat Rescues: Tales from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Melanie Bowlin

Real Stories of Big Cat Rescues: Tales from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center by Melanie Bowlin

Tucked away in the woods near Center Point, Indiana, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center currently houses about 200 rescued big cats. Lions, tigers, leopards, pumas, and bobcats, as well as more obscure breeds such as caracal, serval, ocelot, and lynx, have found refuge at this lush 15-acre sanctuary. In photographer Stephen D. McCloud's spirited follow-up to Saving the Big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, more than 100 color photographs of the resident big cats, old and new, are showcased with loving detail. McCloud has spent countless hours getting to know the cats—their likes, dislikes, quirks, and backgrounds. The affection and admiration he holds for each cat is reflected in these stunning portraits. Each cat’s story is compellingly recounted by author Melanie Bowlin with the help of Audra Masternak, who blogged about her unforgettable experience as a keeper.

paper / 108 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-0-253-22234-3 / $19.95
Order No. 990

Indiana Barns

Marsha Williamson Mohr

Indiana Barns by Marsha Williamson Mohr

Indiana is barn country. Beautiful, aged barns can be found tucked among bucolic fields from Valparaiso to Vincennes. Once a dominant feature of the Hoosier landscape, these evocative buildings are fast disappearing, giving way to more efficient, but less visually appealing, metal structures. Indiana Barns presents 138 of these charming rustics, drawn from the portfolio of photographer Marsha Williamson Mohr. Mohr has been photographing barns, covered bridges, and pastoral scenes for more than 20 years. Here, she showcases barns of all shapes and sizes, captured from every angle, during all four seasons, and in various states of repair and decay. Whether you have owned a barn or just admire the craftsmanship, this lively collection is sure to delight.

cloth / 2005 / ISBN 978-0-253-35568-3 / $29.95
Order No. 985

Opera for All Seasons: 60 Years of Indiana University Opera Theater

Marianne Williams Tobias

Opera for All Seasons: 60 Years of Indiana University Opera Theater by Marianne Williams Tobias

From operas presented in reconfigured army barracks to those mounted on a stage rivaling that of New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, Indiana University Opera Theater has grown into a world-class training ground for opera's next generation. A lavishly illustrated history, Opera for All Seasons captures the excitement, hard work, and talent that distinguish each performance and that have made IU Opera Theater what it is today. More than 300 photos and drawings illustrate six decades of opera production from the inaugural "Tales of Hoffman," a legendary "Parsifal," and a performance of Martinu’s "Greek Passion" at the Met, to the 2008 "La Bohème"—the first opera streamed live on the internet from Indiana University to a worldwide audience. Opera lovers will delight in this sumptuous memento of IU Opera Theater’s glorious history.

cloth / 480 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-0-253-35340-5 / $39.95
Order No. 978

The Golden Age of Indianapolis Theaters

Howard Caldwell

The Golden Age of Indianapolis Theaters by Howard Caldwell

Opening a window on a storied past, longtime Indianapolis television journalist and lifelong theatergoer Howard Caldwell presents the story of the magnificent theaters of Indianapolis. Caldwell shares with us the pleasure these majestic spaces brought to thousands of Hoosiers during their glory days—when an outing to the theater was a special event and film was still a marvel of technology. He discusses the roles played by the greatest stars of the day and relates the origins of Indy’s famous theaters: the Murat, the Circle, the Indiana, the English, and the Lyric, to name a few. Caldwell points out which theaters featured burlesque shows and vaudeville routines, explores the traditions of regional and national theater productions, notes when the first motion pictures and talkies came to town, and highlights old time musical reviews and symphonic performances. Vividly illustrated with rare photos and anecdotes, The Golden Age of Indianapolis Theaters celebrates the city's rich theater tradition.

cloth / 208 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-0-253-35460-0 / $29.95
Order No. 939

Masterworks from the Indiana University Art Museum

Linda J. Baden, Ed.

Masterworks from the Indiana University Art Museum

Richly illustrated with more than 10 full-color plates, this book presents a selection of the finest works from one of the world's best university art museums.  Included are examples from the full range of world cultures collected by the museum:  Africa, the Ancient Western World, Asia, the Ancient Americas, the South Pacific, and the West before and after 1800.

362 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-253-21956-5
paper / $39.95  Order No. 2685 
cloth / $64.95  Order No. 2688

Indians and a Changing Frontier: The Art of George Winter

Sarah E. Cooke and Rachel B. Ramadhyani

Indians and a Changing Frontier: The Art of George Winter

Illustrated volume of the watercolors and drawings of the Potawatomi Indians in northern Indiana by the artist (b.1809). Also contains two essays on Winter's life and work.

cloth / 269 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-87195-097-9 / $24.95
Order No. 2011

Painting Indiana

Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Inc

Painting Indiana

Contemporary Hoosier painters capture the beauty and diversity of Indiana's 92 counties, with a brief commentary on their work and a short history of each county.

paper / 216 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 0-253-21790-3 / $35.00
Order No. 2535

Painting Indiana II: The Changing Face of Agriculture

Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Inc. and Center for Agricultural Science & Heritage, Inc.

Painting II

Over the past hundred years, Indiana agriculture has evolved from family farming to a global industry using biotechnology and satellite positioning. This magnificent collection of more than one hundred works of art by ten outstanding Indiana painters tells the story of that amazing transformation, the forces that brought it about, and the impact it has had on the people, the culture, and the economy of the state. These gifted artists, selected through a competition, tackled subjects as diverse as livestock farms, lumber harvesting, meat packing, farmers' markets, and huge automated dairy operations.

cloth / 201 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0-253-34819-6 / $39.95
Order No. 2613

Whispers to Shouts: Indiana Women Who Create Art

Indiana State Museum

Whispers to Shouts

Catalog for the Indiana State Museum 2005 exhibit of the same name. The book lists all of the artists, including photographs of many, and their art.

paper / 56 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 0-972879-3-5 / $12.95 $7.77
Order No. 2530

Contemporary Quilt Art

Kate Lenkowsky

Contemporary Quilt ArtIn the 1970s young artists "discovered" quilts and began experimenting with contemporary styles. Today quilt art is a staple of art exhibits nationwide. This handsomely illustrated introduction provides a useful guide to the contemporary art of quilting for quilters and collectors alike. The book illustrates the various styles of quilt art, introduces both established and emerging artists, and discusses aspects of their art as well as the process of quilt making. The reader will learn where to find the work of the best artists, and how to work directly with them when commissioning a quilt. Kate Lenkowsky gives an overview of exhibition and marketing opportunities and lists art quilt organizations at the national, regional, and local levels. Collectors will find a guide to resources on the conservation of textiles and options for displaying quilts in the home and elsewhere.

cloth / 304 pp. / 2008 / ISBN: 978-0-253-35124-1 / $34.95 $20.97
Order No. 2710

The Artists of Brown County

Lyn Letsinger-Miller

The Artists of Brown County

From the early 1900s through the 1940s, the scenic hill country of Brown County, Indiana was home to a flourishing colony of artists who migrated there from urban areas of the Midwest. The Artists of Brown County is the classic book on the history of this remarkable art colony.

cloth / 223 pp. /1994 / ISBN 978-0-253-33354-4 / $49.95
Order No. 2020

The Artists of Brown County (DVD)

Lyn Letsinger-Miller, production
Clyde Lee, narration
Jon Kay, music

The Artists of Brown County DVD

As a companion to her classic book, The Artists of Brown County, Lyn Letsinger-Miller has produced a 30-minute DVD recounting the story of the remarkable Brown County art colony.

In addition to full-color reproductions of paintings and graphic work by 15 artists, the DVD features photographs by Frank Hohenberger, live footage of the artists from a 1947 film, and scenes of Brown County today. Musical selections by Jon Kay and narration by Clyde Lee enhance this vibrant multimedia tour of an important aspect of Indiana's artistic heritage.

DVD / 30 min. / ISBN 978-0-253-35044-2 / $14.95
Order No. 2672

Stone, Steel and Spirit: Indiana State Museum

Steve Mannheimer and Bill Browne, Jr.

Stone, Steel & Spirit

The Indiana State Museum, designed and built as homage to the citizens and spirit of Indiana, is one of the great buildings constructed in the state in the last half century. “An informed celebration” of vision, tenacity and teamwork, this book chronicles the events that turned a dream into the showcase structure that welcomes millions of visitors every year.

paper / 96 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 1-57860-162-2 / $25.00 $15.00
Order No. 2524

Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artists

Judith Vale Newton and Carol Ann Weiss

Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artists

The authors include a biographical dictionary detailing the lives of one hundred of the state’s historical women artists, and they single out nearly forty of them for further examination in detailed essays. While this first-of-its-kind book focuses on Indiana women specifically, its stories offer excellent insights into the culture and values of the greater Midwest, and the nation at large, in the decades before and after the turn of the twentieth century.

cloth / 406 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 0-87195-177-0 / $29.95
Order No. 2492

Matter Mind Spirit

Jean Robertson

Matter Mind Spirit

The work of 12 contemporary Indiana women artists whose works blend physical, intellectual, and emotional intensity. Featured are 16 black and white illustrations and 23 color plates.

paper / 60 pp. / 1999 / ISBN 0-253-21322-3 / $19.95 $5.00
Order No. 2221

The Jazz State of Indiana

Duncan Schiedt

The Jazz State

Interviews, oral history narratives on tape, and the opening of old scrapbooks that held visual memories of long-gone days were unselfishly shared to create this history of jazz and dance music.

paper / 249 pp. / reprint 1999 (1977) / Lib of Congress 77-79202 / $24.95
Order No. 3038

A Shared Heritage: Art by Four African Americans

William E. Taylor and Harriet G. Warkel

A Shared Heritage

The work of four African American artists with shared Indiana roots is shown in work ranging from impressionism and social realism to cubism and abstract expressionism.

paper / 195 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 0-936260-62-9 / $29.95 $17.97
Order No. 2182

Christian Schrader Sketches

Christian Schrader sketches

Selected Christian Schrader drawings have been grouped in sets. Black ink on ivory paper, folded over, 5.5" x 4.5".

  • Indianapolis Businesses
    $3.50 / package of 10; 5 scenes
    Order No. 6062
  • Scenes of Indianapolis Circle
    $4.25 / package of 12; 3 scenes
    Order No. 6063
  • Indianapolis Public Buildings
    $4.25 / package of 12; 5 scenes
    Order No. 6064

Strike Up the Band

Strike Up the Band

Band music was everywhere in the later part of the nineteenth century; many military, town, social, ethnic, and commercial organizations formed bands.

12 pp. / 1992
Order No. 7005

SOS! Save Outdoor Sculpture in Indiana

SOS! Save Outdoor Sculpture in Indiana

The theme of the 1994 National Historic Preservation Week was Save Outdoor Sculpture! Details statewide survey of outdoor sculpture.

16 pp. / 1994
Order No. 7026