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Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books

In a tiny log cabin a boy listened with delight to the storytelling of his ma and pa. He traced letters in sand, snow, and dust. He borrowed books and walked miles to bring them back. When he grew up, he became the sixteenth president of the United States. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

paper / 40 pp. / 2006 / 9781416912682 / $9.00
Order no. 1645 

Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball

John Coy, Illustrated by Joe Morse

Taking over a rowdy gym class right before winter vacation is not something James Naismith wants to do at all. The last two teachers of this class quit in frustration. The students--a bunch of energetic young men--are bored with all the regular games and activities. Naismith needs something new, exciting, and fast to keep the class happy or someone's going to get hurt. Saving this class is going to take a genius. Discover the true story of how Naismith invented basketball in 1891 at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

cloth / 32 pp. / 2013 / 9780761366171 / $19.00
Order no. 1646

Steel Town

Jonah Winter, Illustrated by Terry Widener

In Steel Town, the mills blaze all day and all night, making steel and even more steel to be shipped over the Magic Mountains, down the Pitch-Black River, and far, far away. The men who work in the mills work as hard as the machines that make the steel, never stopping. But when the men go home at night, a different side of Steel Town emerges -- one filled with music and neighbors, pierogies and spaghetti, churches and front porches. This gritty yet poetic world is brought to life through Jonah Winter's lyrical, rhythmic text and Terry Widener's luscious, nocturnal illustrations, whose massive figures glow with the few lights that shine through this darkness. This is a portrait of an imaginary town derived from the very real American steel towns of the 1930s, when the sky was often black as night all day and the cavernous mills belched out fire and smoke.

cloth / 40 pp. / 2008 / 9781416940814 / $22.50
Order no. 1647

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad

Ellen Levine and Kadie Nelson

A stirring, dramatic story of a slave who mails himself to freedom by a Jane Addams Peace Award-winning author and a Coretta Scott King Award-winning artist. Henry Brown doesn't know how old he is. Nobody keeps records of slaves' birthdays. All the time he dreams about freedom, but that dream seems farther away than ever when he is torn from his family and put to work in a warehouse. Henry grows up and marries, but he is again devastated when his family is sold at the slave market. Then one day, as he lifts a crate at the warehouse, he knows exactly what he must do: He will mail himself to the North. After an arduous journey in the crate, Henry finally has a birthday -- his first day of freedom. Henry's story is similar to that of Alexander McClure.

cloth / 40 pp. / 2007 / 9780439777339 / $19.00
Order no. 1621


Brian Floca

It is the summer of 1869, and trains, crews, and family are traveling together, riding America’s brand-new transcontinental railroad. These pages come alive with the details of the trip and the sounds, speed, and strength of the mighty locomotives; the work that keeps them moving; and the thrill of travel from plains to mountain to ocean. Come hear the hiss of the steam, feel the heat of the engine, watch the landscape race by. Come ride the rails, come cross the young country!

cloth / 64 pp. / 2013 / 9781416994152 / $17.50
Order no. 1624

Clifford Collection: The Original 6 Stories!

Norman Bridwell

Celebrate Clifford's 50th anniversary with this collection of classic stories! The eye-catching cover design will have red foil and matte and spot gloss. Celebrate Clifford's 50th anniversary with this collection of six classic stories that were originally published beginning in 1963! This book includes: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford at the Circus, Clifford Gets a Job, Clifford Takes a Trip, Clifford's Good Deeds, and Clifford's Tricks. Also included in the book is an original letter from Norman Bridwell to the reader, information about the creation of Clifford--including an image of Norman's 1962 painting that inspired the Clifford series, the story behind the real Emily Elizabeth, and more!

cloth / 192 pp. / 2012 / 9780545450133 / $14.99
Order no. 1640

Garfield: 30 Years of Laughs and Lasagna

Jim Davis

When the world’s most famous feline hits the three-decade milestone it’s time to celebrate! 30 Years of Laughs & Lasagna is a tribute to this tremendous achievement. Organized by decade, each with an introduction by Jim Davis, this lavishly illustrated volume features more than four hundred strips, including thirty of Jim Davis’s all-time favorites–with informative remarks from Jim on why they made the grade. Packed with early sketches, enlightening quotes, and fun facts (did you know that the Garfield comic was originally titled Jon?), this book shows how Garfield evolved from a witty kitty to a world-renowned fat cat. Of Jim Davis’s “little hobby,” Blondie cartoonist Dean Young writes: “Every one of [these] little treasures is an exquisite menagerie of comic timing, writing, and cartoon art. It’s easy to see why his strip is continually voted one of the best on our planet by readers everywhere.”

cloth / 288 pp. / 2008 / 9780345503794 / $35.50
Order no. 1620

Raggedy Andy Stories

Johnny Gruelle

Since Raggedy Andy first appeared in print in 1920, he has delighted millions of readers with his adventurous spirit and compassionate nature. Now he returns to captivate a new generation in this carefully produced reissue, which restores the book to its original appearance. All the original stories are here, as Raggedy Andy arrives in the mail at Marcella's father's office, displays his cheery smile, and is eagerly reunited with his sister, Raggedy Ann. After a warm welcome from the other dolls, Raggedy Andy adds to their fun with a dance, a pillow fight, and a taffy pull. His merry escapades frequently show his generosity in helping others, as he bravely ventures into the gutter to find the penny dolls, "cures" the French doll, and encourages the wooden horse. Other stories also include Raggedy Andy and the other dolls' encounters with the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, and a beautiful seashell. Johnny Gruelle's delicate illustrations are the perfect companion to the well-loved stories in this American classic, the only edition authorized by the Gruelle family. A brief biography of the author-artist by his grandson, Kim Gruelle, makes this edition especially valuable.

cloth / 96 pp. / 1993 reissue / 9780027375862 / $20.00
Order no. 1644

Raggedy Ann Stories

Johnny Gruelle

Since Raggedy Ann first appeared in print in 1918, she has charmed millions of readers with her always warm and optimistic outlook and calm approach to difficulties. Now she returns to delight a new generation in this carefully produced reissue, which restores the book to its original appearance.
All the original stories are here, as Raggedy Ann comes to Marcella's nursery and quickly becomes the leader of the dolls. After learning a lesson from a naughty raid on the pantry, Raggedy Ann's adventures show her striving to be good -- and succeeding. She and the other dolls rescue Fido, the family dog, from the dogcatcher. When, in one adventure, Raggedy Ann has to have her stuffing replaced, she gets her famous "I LOVE YOU" candy heart. Raggedy Ann also goes up in a kite, teaches two new dolls to be tolerant, and shares the excitement of a baby brother for Marcella, among several other tales.

cloth / 96 pp. / 1993 / 9780027375855 / $19.50
Order no. 1622

Race Car Count

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

This charming race car story reinforces the concept of the numbers one through 10 in rhyming text. It begins, "Race car 1 honks, Look at me!/He zooms in front with the turn of a key." Each car in the story is a different color and style reflecting its unique personality. A visual winner, the illustrations are brightly colored and drawn in a cartoon style that will appeal to fans of the "Cars" movies. The text is clear and simple and conveys the fast-paced story. Cars overcome rain, a pile-up, and even chomping gators in this race. But the fun does not come to an end quite yet. At the end of the race, they line up to do it all over again. At the back of the book there is also a page called Meet the Race Cars! In addition to each race car having a separate picture, there is other "vital" information. For example, race car number 9, named Comet, loves milk shakes and collects hubcaps. VERDICT This popular transportation-themed book is sure to be a crowd pleaser. —Robin Sofge, Alexandria Library, VA, School Library Journal

cloth / 32 pp / 2015 / 978-1627790093 / $14.99
Order No. 1599

H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet

Cynthia Furlong Reynolds

Indiana is called the Hoosier State and its people are known as Hoosiers, although historians don't really know why. They do, however, have several ideas about the origins of the famous nickname. Children can learn these origins and other facts about the Hoosier state in H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet.

cloth / 40 pp / 2001 / 978-1585360413 / $17.95
Order No. 483

All-American Girl

Meg Cabot

According to Hoosier author Meg Cabot, Samantha Madison is just your average disenfranchised sophomore gal living in D.C. when, in an idle moment sandwiched between cookie-buying and CD-perusing, she puts a stop to an attempt on the life of the president. Before she can say "MTV2" she’s appointed Teen Ambassador to the U.N. and has caught the eye of the very cute First Son.

paper / 398 pp / 2008 / 978-0-06-147989-2 / $8.99
Order No. 1598

Hardwood Glory: A Life of John Wooden

Barbara Olenyik Morrow

Foreword by UCLA Basketball Coach Steve Alford

John Wooden helped define college basketball in the twentieth century and became an icon of American sports. His name is forever identified with the University of California, Los Angeles, where in the 1960s and 1970s he built a basketball dynasty and coached Bruin teams to unprecedented success: ten national championships in twelve years, seven national titles in a row, four perfect seasons, and an eighty-eight-game winning streak all NCAA men's records that remain unrivaled. In this tenth volume of the Indiana Historical Society Press's celebrated Youth Biography Series, Barbara Olenyik Morrow traces the path of Wooden s career. Full of archival photos, this biography also shows how Wooden s story is inseparable from major events and social currents in the twentieth century, from the Great Depression to civil-rights struggles to campus unrest during the Vietnam War.

cloth / 256 pp / 2014 / 978-0871953612 / $17.95
Order No. 1520

The Carter Journals: Time Travels in Early U.S. History

Shane Phipps

When fourteen-year-old Cody Carter’s grandfather gives him a box of dusty leather journals written by their Carter ancestors, even the history-loving Cody could not have predicted the adventure he was about to take. Journal by journal, Cody is physically transported back in time to experience the lives of Carters on the frontier in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Indiana as the family moved ever westward in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He hunts with Daniel Boone, huddles in a frontier fort under siege, makes friends with Native Americans in the Indiana Territory, operates a lock on the Whitewater Canal, hides slaves on the Underground Railroad, and experiences defeat at the Battle of Corydon. Ultimately, Cody confronts the difficult questions of war, westward expansion, and slavery while living the history of everyday people. Written by an eighth-grade history teacher determined to bring the past to life for his students, The Carter Journals reminds us that history is all around us---and that we daily make history of our own.

2014 / 207 pp / 978-0871953643 / $9.95
Order No. 1518

The American Revolution for Kids

Janis Herbert

Heroes, traitors, and great thinkers come to life in this activity book, and the concepts of freedom and democracy are celebrated in true accounts of the distinguished officers, wise delegates, rugged riflemen, and hardworking farm wives and children who created the new nation. This collection tells the story of the Revolution, from the hated Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party to the British surrender at Yorktown and the creation of the United States Constitution. All American students are required to study the Revolution and the Constitution, and these 21 activities make it fun and memorable. Kids create a fringed hunting shirt and a tricorn hat and reenact the Battle of Cowpens. They will learn how to make their voices heard in I Protest and how Congress works in There Ought to Be a Law. A final selection including the Declaration of Independence, a glossary, biographies, and pertinent Web sites makes this book a valuable resource for both students and teachers.

2002 / 160 pp / 9781613740507 / $16.95
Order No. 1491

The Civil Rights Movement for Kids

Mary C. Turck

Surprisingly, kids were some of the key instigators in the Civil Rights Movement, like Barbara Johns, who held a rally in her elementary school gym that eventually led to the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court school desegregation decision, and six-year-old Ruby Bridges, who was the first black student to desegregate elementary schools in New Orleans. In The Civil Rights Movement for Kids, children will discover how students and religious leaders worked together to demand the protection of civil rights for black Americans. They will relive the fear and uncertainty of Freedom Summer and learn how northern white college students helped bring national attention to atrocities committed in the name of segregation, and they'll be inspired by the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X. Activities include: reenacting a lunch counter sit-in; organizing a workshop on nonviolence; holding a freedom film festival followed by a discussion; and organizing a choral group to sing the songs that motivated the foot soldiers in this war for rights.

2000 / 208 pp / 9781613740514 / $16.95
Order No. 1490

Natural Wonders Coloring Book

Patrick Hruby

Natural Wonders is a beautiful new coloring book by Patrick Hruby that features forests, flora and fauna. Patrick's colorful and intricate illustrations are gracefully translated here into 32 black-and-white line drawings for young, budding artists to interpret in their own color palettes.   Each drawing is printed on white paper one one side only so that markers don't bleed through to another image. Each page is also perforated at the top for easy removal to place your young artist's artwork on the wall or refrigerator.

2011 / 32 pp / 9781934429716 / $9.95
Order No. 1492

The U.S. Congress for Kids

Ronald A. Reis et al

With a focus on dramatic stories, personalities, and turning points, The US Congress for Kids examines the major milestones in congressional history, from the abolition of slavery, extending the vote to African Americans and to women, and investigating misconduct in both government and private institutions. Young history buffs will love the drama, controversy, and colorful characters that have always been part of Congress's history while teachers and parents will appreciate the thorough coverage and clear discussions of Congressional purpose, structure, history, and ongoing issues. Helping kids understand why government matters, the book looks beyond the Washington "beltway" to how members of Congress interact with constituents, those citizens that put them in office.

2014 / 144 pp / 9781613749777 / $16.95
Order No. 1489


Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discoveries That Have Shaped Our World

Susan Casey

These inspiring stories of women inventors take the reader through the process of inventing--from coming up with an idea to having it manufactured and sold.

144 pp. / 1997 / ISBN 9781569765111 / $16.95
Order no. 1357

Indiana Activity Book

Paula Ellis 

How do you make the perfect Indiana getaway even better? Give your kids the Indiana Activity Book for hours of fun! From mazes and word finds to maps and pictures to color, it's a great way to learn about the area and is ideal for car rides and quiet time.

64 pp. / $5.95
Order no. 1346

Good Night Indiana

Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper

Many of North America’s most beloved regions are artfully celebrated in these board books designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for the continent’s natural and cultural wonders. Each book stars a multicultural group of people visiting the featured area's attractions and rhythmic language guides children through the passage of both a single day and the four seasons while saluting the iconic aspects of each place. Covering many of Indiana’s most interesting places and features—including the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Colts, and activities such as ice fishing—this book is a celebrations of the Hoosier State.

board book / 20 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9781602191013 / $9.95
Order no. 2987 

The Wright Brothers for Kids

Mary Kay Carson

This activity book tells the amazing true story of how two bicycle-making brothers from Ohio, with no more than high-school educations, accomplished a feat that forever changed the world. At a time when most people still hadn't ridden in an automobile, Wilbur and Orville Wright built the first powered, heavier-than-air flying machine. Woven throughout the heartwarming story of the two brothers are activities that highlight their ingenuity and problem-solving abilities as they overcame many obstacles to achieve controlled flight. The four forces of flight:  lift, thrust, gravity, and drag and how the Wright brothers mastered them are explained in clear, simple text. Activities include making a Chinese flying top, building a kite, bird watching, and designing a paper glider, and culminate with an activity in which readers build a rubber-band-powered flyer. Included are photographs just released from the Wright brothers' personal collection, along with diagrams and illustrations. The history of human flight and its pioneers, a time line, and a complete resource section for students are also provided.

paper / 146 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 9781613743157 / $18.95
Order no. 2993

The Civil War for Kids

Janis Herbert

History explodes in this activity guide spanning the turmoil preceding secession, the first shots fired at Fort Sumter, the fierce battles on land and sea, and finally the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. Making butternut dye for a Rebel uniform, learning drills and signals with flags, decoding wigwag, baking hardtack, reenacting battles, and making a medicine kit bring this pivotal period in our nation's history to life. Fascinating sidebars tell of slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad, the adventures of nine-year-old drummer boy Johnny Clem, animal mascots who traveled with the troops, and friendships between enemies. The resource section includes short biographies of important figures from both sides of the war, listings of Civil War sites across the country, pertinent websites, glossary, and an index.

paper / 160 pp. / 1999 / ISBN 9781613741535 / $16.95
Order no. 2985

Frederick Douglass for Kids

Nancy I. Sanders

Few Americans have had as much impact on this nation as Frederick Douglass. Born on a plantation, he later escaped slavery and helped others to freedom via the Underground Railroad. In time he became a bestselling author, an outspoken newspaper editor, a brilliant orator, a tireless abolitionist, and a brave civil rights leader. He was famous on both sides of the Atlantic in the years leading up to the Civil War, and, when war broke out, Abraham Lincoln invited him to the White House for counsel and advice. Frederick Douglass for Kids follows the footsteps of this American hero, from his birth into slavery to his becoming a friend and confidant of presidents and the leading African American of his day. And to better appreciate Frederick Douglass and his times, readers will form a debating club, cook a meal similar to the one Douglass shared with John Brown, make a civil war haversack, participate in a microlending program, and more. This valuable resource also includes a time line of significant events, a list of historic sites to visit or explore online, and Web resources for further study.

paper / 144 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781613743577 / $16.95
Order no. 2984

A Kid's Guide to Latino History

Valerie Petrillo

Featuring hands-on activities, games, and crafts that introduce children to the diversity of Latino culture, this guide teaches them about the people, experiences, and events that have shaped Hispanic American history. Broken down into sections covering descendants from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Central and South America, topics include Spanish colonial history; the missions and early settlements in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas; the Santa Fe Trail and the United States-Mexican War of 1848; immigration; and the plight of migrant farm workers. Sidebars focus on famous Latinos and language lessons, while projects highlight arts, games, food, clothing, unique celebrations, and folklore. Kids can fill Mexican "cascarones" for Easter, learn to dance the "merengue" from the Dominican Republic, write a short story using magical realism to learn about the literature of Colombia, make a Cuban sandwich, and create Guatemalan worry dolls. A time line, glossary, teacher's guide, and recommendations for Latino books, movies, museums, and websites round out this multicultural excursion.

paper / 208 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 9781613742204 / $16.95
Order no. 2992

The Underground Railroad for Kids

Mary Kay Carson

The heroic struggles of the thousands of slaves who sought freedom through the Underground Railroad are vividly portrayed in this powerful activity book, as are the abolitionists, free blacks, and former slaves who helped them along the way. The text includes 80 compelling firsthand narratives from escaped slaves and abolitionists and 30 biographies of "passengers," "conductors," and "stationmasters," such as Harriet Tubman, William Still, and Levi and Catherine Coffin. Interactive activities that teach readers how to navigate by the North Star, write and decode a secret message, and build a simple lantern bring the period to life. A time line, reading list, glossary, and listing of web sites for further exploration complete this activity book. The Underground Railroad for Kids is an inspiring story of brave people compelled to act in the face of injustice, risking their livelihoods, their families, and their lives in the name of freedom.

paper / 176 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 9781613740521 / $18.95
Order no. 2994

Rightfully Ours: How Women Won the Vote

Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Though the Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal,” women and girls in the early days of the United States had few rights—their lives were controlled by their husbands or fathers. Married women could not own property, and few girls were taught more than reading and simple math. Not one woman could vote, but that would change with the tireless efforts of Lucretia Mott, Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucy Burns, Alice Paul, and thousands of others across the nation.

Rightfully Ours tells of the century-long struggle for women’s suffrage in the United States. In addition to its lively narrative, this history includes a time line, online resources, and hands-on activities that will give readers a sense of the everyday lives of the suffragists. Children will: create a banner for suffrage, host a Victorian tea, stage a “readers’ theater” for women’s rights, feel what it was like to wear a corset, bake a cake from the Woman Suffrage Cook Book, and more.  Through it all, readers will gain a richer appreciation for not only the women who secured the right to fully participate in American democracy, but also why they must never take that right for granted.

paper / 130 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9781883052898 / $16.95
Order no. 2991

Women Aviators

Karen Bush Gibson

From the very first days of aviation, women were there. Katherine Wright, though not a pilot, helped her brothers Orville and Wilbur so much that some called her the “Third Wright Brother.” Pioneers such as Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France ignored those who ignorantly claimed that only men possessed the physical strength or the mental capacity to pilot an airplane, and in 1910 became the first woman awarded a license to fly. A year later, Harriet Quimby was the first woman to earn a pilot’s license in the United States and in 1912 flew across the English Channel—another first.

cloth / 240 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9781613745403 / $19.95
Order no. 2989

The Civil War Handbook: How to Dress, Talk, Eat, And Command Like a Union Lieutenant

Robin Robinson

From rebel uniforms to Yankee jargon, these interactive educational tools cover all the details that kids need to authentically portray a Civil War soldier for either the Confederacy or the Union. The more than 25 activities include a myriad of Civil War topics, including the battle names used by the Southern states, the famous army and government leaders of both the Confederacy and the Union, and the proper dress and symbols associated with both sides. Fun, hands-on activities are also presented for kids' educational entertainment, from baking army victuals and learning how to load a musket to creating their very own Civil War-era currency.

paper / 60 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 9781933317717 / $12.95
Order no. 2983

The Civil War Handbook: How to Dress, Talk, Eat, And Command Like a Confederate Captain

Robin Robinson

From rebel uniforms to Yankee jargon, these interactive educational tools cover all the details that kids need to authentically portray a Civil War soldier for either the Confederacy or the Union. The more than 25 activities include a myriad of Civil War topics, including the battle names used by the Southern states, the famous army and government leaders of both the Confederacy and the Union, and the proper dress and symbols associated with both sides. Fun, hands-on activities are also presented for kids' educational entertainment, from baking army victuals and learning how to load a musket to creating their very own Civil War-era currency.

paper / 60 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 9781933317724 / $12.95
Order no. 2990

Just Your Average Teenager Who Happens to be Bald

Olivia Rusk

14 year old Olivia Rusk is totally bald due to alopecia, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss. When Olivia was 8 years old she shed her custom wig and bravely marched into her 3rd grade classroom without hair. In her new book, "Just Your Average Teenager, Who Happens To Be Bald," Olivia shares her story of living with alopecia and her message that "It's Okay to be Different", anti-bullying, and teen suicide prevention. Her story is in her own words and straight from her heart. Her story will inspire teens and adults alike.

paper / 104 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 978934922729 / $15.95
Order No. 2924 

Growing Up in Slavery

Yuval Taylor, ed.

Ten slaves—all under the age of 19—tell stories of enslavement, brutality, and dreams of freedom in this collection culled from full-length autobiographies. These accounts, selected to help teenagers relate to the horrific experiences of slaves their own age living in the not-so-distant past, include stories of young slaves torn from their mothers and families, suffering from starvation, and being whipped and tortured. But these are not all tales of deprivation and violence; teenagers will relate to accounts of slaves challenging authority, playing games, telling jokes, and falling in love. These stories cover the range of the slave experience, from the passage in slave ships across the Atlantic—and daily life as a slave both on large plantations and in small-city dwellings—to escaping slavery and fighting in the Civil War. The writings of Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, William Wells Brown, Harriet Jacobs, Elizabeth Keckley, and other lesser-known slaves are included.

 paper / 256 pp. /  2007 / ISBN 9781556526350 / $11.95
Order No. 2912


A Kid's Guide to Native American History 

Yvonne Wakim Dennis and Arlene Hirschfelder

 Hands-on activities, games, and crafts introduce children to the diversity of Native American cultures and teach them about the people, experiences, and events that have helped shape America, past and present. Nine geographical areas cover a variety of communities like the Mohawk in the Northeast, Ojibway in the Midwest, Shoshone in the Great Basin, Apache in the Southwest, Yupik in Alaska, and Native Hawaiians, among others. Lives of historical and contemporary notable individuals like Chief Joseph and Maria Tallchief are featured, and the book is packed with a variety of topics like first encounters with Europeans, Indian removal, Mohawk sky walkers, and Navajo code talkers. Readers travel Native America through activities that highlight the arts, games, food, clothing, and unique celebrations, language, and life ways of various nations. Kids can make Haudensaunee corn husk dolls, play Washoe stone jacks, design Inupiat sun goggles, or create a Hawaiian Ma’o-hauhele bag. A time line, glossary, and recommendations for Web sites, books, movies, and museums round out this multicultural guide.

 paper / 256 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 9781556528026 / $16.95
Order No. 2911


A Kid's Guide to African American History

Nancy I. Sanders

What do all these people have in common: the first man to die in the American Revolution, a onetime chief of the Crow Nation, the inventors of peanut butter and the portable X-ray machine, and the first person to make a wooden clock in this country? They were all great African Americans. For parents and teachers interested in fostering cultural awareness among children of all races, this book includes more than 70 hands-on activities, songs, and games that teach kids about the people, experiences, and events that shaped African American history. This expanded edition contains new material throughout, including additional information and biographies. Children will have fun designing an African mask, making a medallion like those worn by early abolitionists, playing the rhyming game "Juba," inventing Brer Rabbit riddles, and creating a unity cup for Kwanzaa. Along the way they will learn about inspiring African American artists, inventors, and heroes like Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Rosa Parks, Langston Hughes, and Louis Armstrong, to name a few.

paper / 256 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 9781556526534 / $14.95
Order No. 2913  Temporarily Out of Stock


Nature's Storyteller: The Life of Gene Stratton-Porter

Barbara Olenyik Morrow

Nature's Storyteller: The Life of Gene Stratton-Porter by Barbara Olenyik MorrowAs a young girl growing up in the 1860s on a Wabash County, Indiana farm, Geneva Grace Stratton received a wondrous gift from her father, Mark, who had noticed his daughter's love for nature and wildlife, especially the larks, cardinals, passenger pigeons, swallows, and hawks that flew overhead. He declared that all birds on the farm belonged to her, and she was to become their protector. From these early beginnings, Gene Stratton-Porter found a purpose for her life, sharing the outdoors with others through writing and photography and working to conserve nature for the generations to come.

cloth / 192 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 9780871952844 / $17.95 $10.77
Order No. 2803

Caroline Quarlls and the Underground Railroad

Julia Pferdehirt

On July 4th, 1842, Caroline Quarlls left family, friends, and the only life she’d known behind in St. Louis, Missouri. As the child of a slave mother and a slave owner father, her young life was one of drudgery and obedience until that fateful Independence Day when she illegally took a steamboat across the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Alton, Illinois, in the hope of reaching freedom. With the help of abolitionists, the sixteen-year-old traveled through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan on what has become known as the Underground Railroad. Each step of the way, Quarlls was pursued by lawyers paid to retrieve her and bounty hunters greedy for the reward money. She took cover in uncomfortable places from barrels to potato chutes to fields and endured long, bumpy rides in the bottom of a wagon. Finally, she crossed from Detroit into Sandwich, Canada. But that was just the beginning. In Canada, Caroline created a new life as a free woman, which was an exciting, but also frightening, experience. Caroline’s story gives young readers a personal snapshot of the tension-filled journey of a runaway slave in 1842 and illuminates a segment of the complicated history of race in our nation.

paper / 120 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-8702038-8-6 / $12.95
Order No. 2871

S.O.S. Titanic

Eve Bunting

S.O.S. Titanic by Eve Bunting

Barry O’Neill is journeying to New York on the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage. He’s homesick and worried about the Flynn boys traveling in steerage who have threatened to throw him overboard. Little does Barry know that a struggle with the Flynns is the least of the dangers that await him. This suspenseful young adult adventure story is based on the true and terrible events that occurred as the Titanic sank.

paper / 246 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 978-0-15-201305-9 / $6.99
Order No. 983

Fighter Pilot: The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu

Ray E. Boomhower

Fighter Pilot: The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu by Ray E. Boomhower

Written by award-winning biographer Ray E. Boomhower, Fighter Pilot: The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu, the sixth volume in the Indiana Historical Society Press’s youth biography series, examines the daring exploits of the Hoosier flier during his wartime career. A graduate of DePauw University, Vraciu learned to fly during his college years through a government program and joined the navy before America was thrust into the war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

cloth / 290 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-0-87195-282-0 / $17.95
Order No. 934

Fighting for Equality: A Life of May Wright Sewall

Ray E. Boomhower

Fighting for Equality: A Life of May Wright Sewall

A biography aimed at young readers, Fighting for Equality showcases Sewall's important contributions to the history of Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States, and the world. A woman who had the "organizing touch," Sewall helped to establish such Indianapolis institutions as the Girls' Classical School, the Indianapolis Woman's Club, the Contemporary Club, the Art Association of Indianapolis (today known as the Indianapolis Museum of Art), and the Indianapolis Propylaeum.

cloth / 160 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-87195-253-0 / $17.95
Order No. 2675

The Soldier's Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle

Ray E. Boomhower

The Soldier's Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle

To the millions of Americans on the home front during World War II, Ernie Pyle’s column in newspapers across the country offered a foxhole view of the struggle as he reported on the life and death of the average soldier. When he died, Pyle’s popularity and readership was worldwide, with his column appearing in 400 daily and 300 weekly newspapers.

cloth / $17.95
Order No. 2624

Abe Lincoln's Hat

Written by Martha Brenner, Illustrated by Donald Cook

Abe Lincoln's HatIllustrated in full color. Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, started out in life as an absent-minded frontier lawyer. How did he nudge his memory? He stuck letters, court notes, contracts, and even his checkbook in his trademark top hat. When he took off his hat, it was all there!

paper / 48 pp. / 1994 / ISBN 0-679-84977-7 / $3.99
Order No. 2728

cloth / 48 pp. / 1994 / ISBN 0-679-84977-7 / $11.99 $7.19
Order No. 2727

Lincoln: A Photobiography

Russell Freedman

Lincoln: A Photobiography

A description of the boyhood, marriage, and young professional life of Abraham Lincoln includes his presidential years and also reflects on the latest scholarly thoughts about our Civil War president. A Newberry Medal Book.

cloth / 150 pp. / 1987 / ISBN 0-89919-380-3 / $20.00
Order No. 2735

Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington

Cheryl Harness

Abe Lincoln Goes to WashingtonAbe Lincoln Goes to Washington paints a vivid picture of the Springfield, IL years, when Abe met and married a pretty Kentucky woman and made his name as a lawyer and politician. Cheryl Harness gives readers a moving account of Lincoln’s rise and the tensions that dragged the nation into conflict; brilliantly detailed maps and battle scenes deepen our understanding of the Civil War; and the book’s richly imagined illustrations recreate the life of the man who will always be regarded as one of our greatest presidents.

paper / 48 pp. / 2008 (original copyright 1997)  / ISBN 0-7922-6906-3 
$7.95 $5.79
Order No. 2729

Young Abe Lincoln

Cheryl Harness

Young Abe LincolnTen score years ago, a remarkable boy was born into a remarkable country. Young Abe Lincoln tells the story of that boy, who went on to play an historic role in the shaping of his country. Written and illustrated by Cheryl Harness, this classic picture biography is now being reissued with a bold new paperback cover to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. With vibrant artwork and carefully crafted text, Young Abe Lincoln is an appealing, insightful biography of Lincoln’s early life. With fun illustrations and a chatty narrative style, Cheryl Harness brings to life the experiences that sparked Abe to seek public office, and vividly captures the spirit of the times.

paper / 32 pp. / 2008 (original copyright 1996) / ISBN 978-1-4263-0437-8 / $7.95
Order No. 2730

Casper and Catherine Move to America: An Immigrant Family's Adventures, 1849-1850

Brian Hasler

Casper and Catherine Move to America: An Immigrant Family's Adventures, 1849-1850

Relates the adventures of Casper Hasler, a stonecutter who immigrated to Indiana in 1849, and of his children and wife, Catherine, who remained in Switzerland until their 6th child was born. Includes information about oral history and family history research.

cloth / 44 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-87195-168-1 / $17.95 $10.77
Order No. 2404

Into the Wilderness: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

James J. Holmberg

Into the Wilderness: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

By sending the Corps of Discovery to discover a way to the Pacific Ocean two hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson dreamed of uncovering the mysteries of the lands beyond the Mississippi River. This book chronicles the exciting adventures, Indians, and samples of strange plants and animals the expedition encountered.

paper / 62 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-8131-0913-2 / $5.95
Order No. 2452


A Home in the Woods

Howard Johnson

Home in the Woods

Indianapolis of the 1820s and 1830s related in a classic account of early settler days.

paper / 133 pp. / ISBN 0-253-20616-2 / $17.95
Order No. 2064


Spinning through Clouds: Tales from an Early Hoosier Aviator

Max E. Knight

Spinning through CloudsAviation pioneers donned leather helmets and fur-lined goggles, climbed into open cockpits, and flew by their feelings rather than by instruments. They looped, spun, hedge hopped, and landed in farm pastures. Max Knight began flying in 1936 at the age of ten. In his book, Spinning Through Clouds: Tales from an Early Hoosier Aviator, Knight relates the flying adventures he and others enjoyed in and around his father’s airport near Lynn, Indiana. Suitable for young adult and adult readers, the book also explores stories of early state and national aviation history with characters such as Roscoe Turner and Amelia Earhart.

paper / 218 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-87195-256-1 / $19.95
Order No. 2698

When I Crossed No-Bob

Margaret McMullan

The Sequel to How I Found the Strong

When I Crossed No-BobLife as an O'Donnell is all twelve-year-old Addy knows, and life as an O'Donnell means trouble. Tucked away in a gray patch of woods called No-Bob, the O'Donnell clan has nothing but a bad reputation. So when Addy's mama abandons her on the afternoon of Mr. Frank Russell's wedding celebration, nobody is very surprised.

A reluctant Mr. Frank and his new wife take Addy in, and Addy does everything she can to prove that at least one O'Donnell has promise. But one day, Addy witnesses a terrible event that brings her old world crashing into the new. As she finds herself being pulled back into No-Bob and the grips of her O'Donnell kin, Addy is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Can she somehow find the courage to do what's right, even if it means betraying one of her own?

cloth / 216 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-618-71715-6 / $16.00 $5.00
Order No. 2704 

Hoosier Heart: A Story about Hoosiers and the great state of Indiana

Written by Luke Messer; Illustrated by Jennifer Messer

Hoosier HeartHoosier Heart is a charming story that answers the time-honored Indiana question: "What is a Hoosier?" Three young Indiana natives, Emma, Ava, and Ben, learn what it means to be a Hoosier as they journey through the state learning about Indiana's special people, places and history. The young and young at heart will enjoy this delightful, educational story and learn a little more about the state that makes Hoosiers proud.

cloth / 30 pp. / ISBN 978-0-9786799-1-0 / $16.95
Order No. 2620


A Good Night for Freedom

Barbara Olenyik Morrow

A Good Night for Freedom

Two runaway slaves take refuge at Katy and Levi Coffin's home - a stop on the underground railroad. Based on historical events, this powerful story reveals the courage it took for people to run for freedom, and for one young girl to help them. Beautifully illustrated.

cloth / 32 pp. / 2004 / ISBN 0-8234-1709-3 / $16.95
Order No. 2455

Legendary Hoosier: Famous Folks from the State of Indiana

Nelson Price

Legendary Hoosier: Famous Folks from the State of Indiana

Stories of 40 legendary Hoosiers--astronauts, basketball players, a cartoon cat, a race horse, teachers, pop music performers, and Olympic gold medalists.

cloth / 189 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 1-57860-097-9 / $24.95
Order No. 2353


Evie Finds Her Family Tree

Ashley B. Ransburg

Evie Finds Her Family Tree

Young children will enjoy the tale of Evie, a little girl who tries to discover the meaning of her family tree. This illustrated storybook includes a 32’ x 24” illustrated family tree chart that children can complete using their own family information.

paper / 30 pp. / ISBN 0-87195-187-8 / $9.95
Order No 1608

The Woodland Adventures series

This series is dedicated to all The Woodland People who persevere despite hardships, inhumanity, and hostility. Their spirit, like the Eagle, soars. Their integrity, like the Turtle, persists.

Spring Planting

Rita Kohn and Robin McBride Scott

Spring Planting

A family of the Miami of Indiana Indians and the traditional custom of planting gourds for the fall gathering give-away is the mechanism used to teach preschool and primary grades number concepts in this beautiful picture book.

cloth / 32 pp. / ISBN 0-516-05203-9 / $15.00 $9.00
Order No. 2364

Celebrating Summer

Rita Kohn and Kevin Warren Smith

Celebrating Summer

The Woodland Indian traditional powwow is the mechanism used to teach preschool and primary grades to identify and count numbers 1 through 10 in this beautiful picture book.

cloth / 32 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-516-05201-2 /$15.00 $9.00
Order No. 2366

The Fall Gathering

Rita Kohn and Winifred Barnum-Newman

The Fall Gathering

The Woodland Indian tradition of gathering to share in and give thanks for a plentiful harvest is the mechanism used to teach preschool and primary grades the concept of quantity in this beautiful picture book.

cloth / 32 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-516-05202-0 / $15.00 $9.00
Order No. 2363

Winter Storytime

Rita Kohn and Dorothy Sullivan

Winter Storytime

The retelling of the Lenape or Delaware Indian tale of how the first "kokolesh" (rabbit-tail) game was made is the mechanism used to teach preschool and primary grades the concept of sequence in this beautiful picture book.

cloth / 32 pp. / ISBN 0-546-05204-7 / $15.00 $9.00
Order No. 2365




Portia Howe Sperry


Set in the 1830s, the story centers on a young girl and her doll Abigail, and the adventures they share while traveling by covered wagon from Kentucky to their new home in Brown County, Indiana. Recommended for young readers.

paper / 162 pp. / 1938 Reprinted 2000 / ISBN 0-87195-148-7 / $8.95
Order No. 2277


Georgie's Moon

Chris Woodworth

Georgie's Moon

When her father goes off to Vietnam, Georgie is obliged to keep a strong façade while he is away in order to keep the family from falling apart, but dealing with her hippy classmates and a frightened little brother becomes more difficult with every passing day as she longs for her father's safe return.

cloth / $16.00 $9.60
Order No.2648


Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin

Julie Young

Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin

A Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin, a youth biography, explores the life of the woman who would become Indiana's first saint.

cloth / 198 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-87195-255-4 / $17.95
Order No. 2640

Young Patriots Series

Amelia Earhart, Young Air Pioneer

Jane Moore Howe, Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

Amelia Earhart, Young Air PioneerThese true-life tales of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, based on the remembrances of her sister Pidge, will inspire and thrill young readers. Kids will cheer as Amelia rescues two neighbor boys from an angry dog and when she builds her own "rolly coaster" off the roof of her grandparents' shed. Amelia's fascination at seeing her first airplane, as well as her curiosity, courage, and determination to learn, will make this portrayal of an American heroine a favorite of both children and adults.

cloth / 111 pp. / 1999 (text originally pub. 1950 & 1961) / ISBN 1-882859-02-2 / $15.95
Order No. 2733



William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe

Howard Peckham, Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

William Henry Harrison, Young TippecanoeWhen William Henry's sister Sally fell into the river, was he able to rescue her? How did William Henry, when he was just 8 years old, capture a wounded enemy soldier? Find the answers and share many more childhood adventures of the ninth U.S. President in Volume 2 of the Young Patriots Series, William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe.

cloth / 112 pp. / 2000 (text originally pub. 1951) / ISBN 1-882859-03-0 / $15.95
Order No. 2734



Lew Wallace, Boy Writer

Martha E. Schaaf, Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

Lew Wallace, Boy WriterLew Wallace was most famous for writing the world-famous novel, Ben-Hur, but did you know that as a boy, he played hooky from school? What was the secret to Lew's "magic pencil," and can you imagine what happened when Lew saw his baby brother crawl beneath the moving wheels of a heavy carriage? In Volume 3 of the Young Patriots Series, learn the answers to these questions and join Lew Wallace as he grows up in the fields and rivers of his native Midwest.

cloth / 111 pp. / 2001 (text originally pub. 1961) / ISBN 1-882859-05-7 / $15.95
Order No. 2732

George Rogers Clark, Boy of the Northwest Frontier

Katherine E. Wilkie, Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

George Rogers Clark, Boy of the Northwest FrontierExplorer and Revolutionary War hero General George Rogers Clark effectively doubled the size of the United States by his defeat of the British at Vincennes. He is also known for being the older brother of William Clark, one half of the legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition. But did you know that in 1783, Thomas Jefferson asked George Rogers Clark if he would be willing to head an expedition to explore the land west of the Mississippi? Clark declined, and 20 years later Jefferson asked the same question of Clark's younger brother William. William accepted and the Lewis and Clark expedition was born. Meet the young George Rogers Clark in Volume 8 of the Young Patriots Series as he grows up on the edge of the wilderness-whether he's rescuing baby raccoons from a hollow tree or rescuing his brothers from raging floodwaters, George displays the courage and determination that resulted in the hero he would become.

paper / 114 pp. / 2004 (text originally pub. 1974) / ISBN 1-882859-43-X / $15.95
Order No. 2470