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Indiana State Parks: A Centennial Celebration

Matt Williams

From the icy toboggan run at Pokagon State Park to fireworks on a balmy night at Versailles State Park, the splendid images by nature photographer Matt Williams record the seasonal landscapes and the variety of activities that make these parks so exceptional. As Hoosiers observe the centennial of their state park system, this beautiful and informative book marks the occasion with a visual celebration of the parks’ scenery, wildlife, recreation, and history.

cloth / 216 pp. / 2015 / 9780253016072 / $45.00
Order no. 1545

101 Trees of Indiana: A Field Guide

Marion T. Jackson & Katherine Harrington

101 Trees of Indiana contains all you need to identify a tree in the Hoosier State, whatever the season. Not since Dr. Charles Deam’s Trees of Indiana was published in 1953 has the subject been covered so thoroughly. Ecologist Marion T. Jackson has selected approximately 101 species of trees, mostly native to the state but also others that are widely naturalized or planted extensively. Jackson’s comments about individual trees alone are worth the price of the book. Illustrations by Katherine Harrington provide clear and accurate botanical details. Ron Rathfon’s vivid color photographs make identification in the field a breeze. Further aiding in identification are text descriptions and species keys for both summer and winter conditions. Distribution maps indicate the counties in which each tree has been found and recorded. These maps have been updated to include more than 2,000 new county records discovered by scientists, foresters, and naturalists since the publication of Deam’s work. Naturalists, hikers, landscapers, and students will thoroughly enjoy this lovely and authoritative book.

paper / 2004 / 392 pp / 9780253216946 / $22.00
Order no. 542

Birdscaping in the Midwest: A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds

Mariette Nowak

Go beyond bird feeders! Learn how to create outstanding bird habitats in your own yard with native plants that offer food, cover, and nesting sites for birds. This guide is packed with color photographs, sage advice, detailed instructions, and garden plans. It features nine different habitat gardens for hummingbirds, bluebirds, wintering birds, migrant birds, and birds that frequent prairies, wetlands, lakes, shrublands, and woodlands, along with advice about maintaining your plantings and augmenting them with nest boxes, birdbaths, misters, and perches. The information on recommended plant species includes their native ranges in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin; the birds they attract; their visual characteristics; and their cultivation. Mariette Nowak also describes how gardeners featured in this book have gone beyond their own garden gates to work for the protection and restoration of bird habitat in their neighborhoods and communities. Birdscaping in the Midwest provides many sources of further information, including publications, websites, organizations, and native plant nurseries.

paper / 2012 / 350 pp / 9780299291549 / $34.95
Order no. 1535

Wildflowers of Holliday Park

Norma Bangel Wallman

A new field guide, Wildflowers of Holliday Park, is now available at the Nature Center. This pictorial guide (botany not needed!) is organized by blooming season and is geared toward the beginning enthusiast. Pictures of more than 300 wildflowers found along the trails, paths, and river are included

2013 / 193 pp / $21.95
Order No. 1548

Wetland Plants of Indiana

Steve W. Chadde

Wetland Plants of Indiana is the first field guide to all the vascular plants found in the wetland and aquatic habitats of Indiana. Included are plants found in Indiana's bogs, fens, swamps, marshes, wet meadows, and floodplain forests, plus the aquatic plants of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.  Fully illustrated with line drawings and many photographs, this book is an essential reference for botanists, natural resource managers, environmental consultants, students, educators, and anyone simply wanting to learn more about these fascinating places.

2011 / 610 pp / 9781466374164 / $30.95
Order No. 1493

Butterflies of Indiana

Jeffrey E. Belth

This field guide to Indiana’s rich butterfly fauna covers all 149 species of butterflies and their close relatives, the skippers. Over 500 color photographs illustrate the undersides and uppersides of most species and highlight the variations found among them, both seasonally and between males and females. For beginners and experts, Butterflies of Indiana also offers an introduction to the natural history of butterflies. The simple and intuitive design of this guide and its wealth of features make it a faithful companion for butterfly watchers, collectors, gardeners, birders, and naturalists.

paper / 344 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9780253009630 / $20.00
Order no. 2980

Louisville and Southern Indiana

Valerie Askern

Known as the City of Parks, Louisville has long valued the natural landscape and the provisioning of outdoor recreation. In 1891 Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture, was commissioned to develop an extensive park system for Louisville that eventually included 18 parks and 6 interconnecting parkways. Since that time, Louisville has continued to invest resources to build a first-class park system. Nestled within the Ohio Valley, and bordered by the knobs region to the south and the heavily forested areas of Indiana to the north, Louisville lies at the heart of an endless array of hiking opportunities.

paper / 265 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9780897326254 / $15.95
Order no. 2981

Got Sun

Carolyn A. Harstad

Are you looking for more butterflies and birds in your yard? Do you enjoy seasonal color and beauty? Are you concerned about environmental issues such as water conservation and pollution control? Do you yearn for simple, maintenance-free gardening? Arranged in a question-and-answer format, Got Sun? showcases native trees, shrubs, ground covers, ferns, vines, grasses, and over 100 sun-friendly perennials for your home garden. Illustrated with detailed drawings and beautiful color photographs, this is a book to keep close at hand as you plan and plant your garden.

paper / 208 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9780253009401 / $28.00
Order no. 2979

Shrubs Large and Small: Natives and Ornamentals for Midwest Gardens

Moya L. Andrews & Gillian Harris

This beautifully illustrated book on landscape gardening addresses shrubs and how to determine which you should plant among your perennials and where. Shrubs provide the foundation for a pleasing, yet low-maintenance garden. They are long-lived, have the ornamental appeal of perennials, and provide variety in color, size, shape, and texture, as well as shelter and berries for birds. Shrubs can make attractive arrangements indoors and provide seasonal variation through the entire year. Gillian Harris’s illustrations are botanically correct works of art that make this book absolutely irresistible.

paper / 168 pp. / 2013 / ISBN 9780253009142 / $28.00
Order no. 2978 

Shrubs and Woody Vines of Indiana and the Midwest

Sally S. Weeks and Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.

As the definitive identification guide to the shrubs and woody vines of Indiana, this book provides coverage of approximately 90 percent of the species that are found in surrounding Midwestern states. As well as covering indigenous species, it also includes all currently known invasive shrubs and woody vines. Written by two leading experts on woody plants and their myriad values, the guide is prepared in the same attractive, easy-to-use format as their best-selling Native Trees of the Midwest. Descriptive text explains how to identify every species in any season, and original color photographs (generally six per species) taken by Sally Weeks detail all important characteristics. The authors provide practical guidance concerning the potential ornamental value of each species for those interested in landscaping and also evaluate the potential cover and food value for wildlife. The volume includes distribution maps, identification keys, and an index of both common and Latin names.

paper / 400 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 9781557536105 / $45.00
Order No. 2946

Possum in the Pawpaw Tree: A Seasonal Guide to Midwestern Gardening

B. Rosie Lerner & Beverly S. Netzhammer

One of the latest trends in home horticulture is regional gardening, but most popular garden books and syndicated columns are written by authors on the East or West coasts. Possum in the Pawpaw Tree is aimed at the heartland of the United States, where "normal" weather means bitter winters, torrential spring rains, and summer drought. The material here is arranged to provide a handy month-by-month guide for indoor and outdoor gardening activities, both for the novice and the more experienced gardener.

cloth / 308 pp. / 1994 / ISBN 9781557530530 / $24.95
Order No. 2951

Habitats and Ecological Communities of Indiana

John O. Whitaker, Jr. and Charles J. Amlaner, Jr., eds.

In Habitats and Ecological Communities of Indiana, leading experts assess the health and diversity of Indiana’s eight wildlife habitats, providing detailed analysis, data-generated maps, color photographs, and complete lists of flora and fauna. This groundbreaking reference details the state’s forests, grasslands, wetlands, aquatic systems, barren lands, and subterranean systems, and describes the nature and impact of two man-made habitats—agricultural and developed lands. The book considers extirpated and endangered species alongside invasives and exotics, and evaluates floral and faunal distribution at century intervals to chart ecological change.

cloth / 512 pp. / 2012 / ISBN 9780253356024 / $35.00
Order No. 2934

An Unreal Estate: Sustainability & Freedom in an Evolving Community

Lucinda Carspecken

In An Unreal Estate, Lucinda Carspecken takes an in-depth look at Lothlorien, a Southern Indiana nature sanctuary, sustainable camping ground, festival site, collective residence, and experiment in ecological building, stewardship, and organization. Carspecken notes the way fiction and reality intertwine on this piece of land and argues that examples such as Lothlorien have the power to be a force for social change. Lothlorien's organization and social norms are in sharp contrast with its surrounding communities. As a unique enclave within a larger society, it offers to the latter both an implicit critique and a cluster of alternative values and lifestyles. In addition, it has created a niche where some participants change, grow, and find empowerment in an environment that is accepting of difference—particularly in areas of religion and sexual orientation.

paper / 272 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-253-22349-4 / $24.95
Order No. 2907

Wildflowers and Ferns of Indiana Forests

Michael A. Homoya

This beautifully illustrated guide identifies nearly 300 common plants in Indiana’s most prominent ecosystem—the Eastern Deciduous Forest. For ease of identification, the plants are arranged by flower color or growth form, providing a convenient way to distinguish a great majority of plants in any given woodland. Generous treatment is given to all major vascular plant groups of the forest, such as wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, trees, grasses, and sedges. Michael A. Homoya not only helps with identification, but also offers information on a plant’s habitat, flowering period, familial relationships, biology, and connections to Indiana. For the garden enthusiast and habitat restorer, there is a section on landscaping and natural community restoration using native forest plants.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale of this book go to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for land protection and stewardship.

paper / 464 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-0-253-22325-8 / $22.95
Order No. 2905

Treasures in Your Own Backyard Insert

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Outdoor Indiana inserts highlight the history and nature of each Indiana state park and reservoir.  The series runs through 2016, the 100th anniversary of our state parks.  Outdoor Indiana subscribers receive these 8-page inserts as part of the magazine, or individual inserts can be purchased from IHB!  See below for inserts available by order number.

 Insert Title Order No
 Harmonie State park: Utopia on the Wabash, Take III    6112 
 Raccoon State Recreation Area: Hooked on Fun 6113
 Turkey Run State Park: A Different World, Saved by Lusk and Lieber 6114
 Charlestown State Park: Future Flagship Already Sails True 6115 
 Lincoln State Park: A Historic Kick 6116 
McCormick's Creek State Park: Pioneering a Lasting Legacy 6117
Chain O'Lakes State Park: The Glacier's Gift 6118
Pokagon State Park: Real Up North Feel, Eh? 6119
Prophetstown State Park: See the Difference Grow 6120

Wild Plants in Flower-Wetlands and Quiet Waters of the Midwest

Anne and Robert O. Petty

This lovely and thoughtful volume pays tribute to the native plants characteristically found in the Midwest's quiet waters, as distinct from its flowing streams. While most of the species populate broad ranges, all are part of the familiar display that may greet a summer visitor to lakes and wet grounds in the Great Lakes region.  Wild Plants in Flower -- Wetlands and Quiet Waters of the Midwest features color photographs of 45 species; delightful and engaging species notes for each plant, its habitat, appearance, and range; and perceptive mini-essays that describe the evolution of wetlands and botanical plants and the dangers they face. This field guide will help nature lovers identify and treasure the delicate flora of upland swamp forests, floodplains, wet prairies, marshes, fens, and bogs, and perhaps help preserve their dwindling numbers.

Fishes of Indiana

Thomas Simon

Indiana has more fish species than any other state north of the Ohio River. This rich variety of fish fauna is on display in this informative and beautifully illustrated guide. From the large freshwater species like the Paddlefish, Lake Sturgeon, and Mooneye, to Great Lakes species like the whitefish, Lake and Brook trout, and Longnose sucker, this book has them all -- plus lesser-known species and a few thought to have disappeared from the state. Each species is represented by a descriptive entry containing diagnostic information, conservation status, habitat preferences, diet, reproductive biology, and other facts to assist in identification; a map showing the geographical distribution of the species across Indiana; and a taxonomically accurate and precise illustration.

paper / 366 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 9780253223081 / $21.95
Order No. 1055

A Guide to the Knobstone Trail: Indiana's Longest Footpath

Nathan Strange

One of the most beautiful footpaths in the country, the Knobstone Trail offers a spectacularly rugged, 58-mile trek through 40,000 acres of forested land in southern Indiana. A comprehensive guide to this scenic footpath, A Guide to the Knobstone Trail provides readers with all they need to know to make the best of hiking this challenging trail. Charts indicate camping and water locations, while up-to-date maps provide topographical information, elevations, and where horse trails intersect hiking trails. First-person accounts, trip diaries, local lore about trees, wildflowers, and animal life, plus the latest GPS information and elevation data are included. Well illustrated with more than 60 photographs and 19 maps, this easily portable guide is an essential backpacker's tool for a safe and memorable adventure.
paper / 152 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 9780253222978 / $19.95
Order No. 2840

The Wilderness World of John Muir

John Muir, edited by Edwin Way Teale

The Wilderness World of John Muir by John Muir, edited by Edwin Way Teale

During John Muir's extraordinary life as a conservationist, he traveled through most of the American wilderness alone and on foot, without a gun or a sleeping bag. In 1903, while on a three-day camping trip with President Theodore Roosevelt, he convinced the president of the importance of a national conservation program, and he is given major credit for saving the Grand Canyon and Arizona's Petrified Forest. Muir's writing, based on journals he kept throughout his life, gives our generation a picture of an America still wild and unsettled only one hundred years ago. Edwin Way Teale has collected here the best of Muir's writing, selected from all of his major works, including MY FIRST SUMMER IN THE SIERRA and TRAVELS IN ALASKA.

paper / 332 pp. / 1954 / ISBN 978-0-618-12751-1 / $15.95
Order No. 986

Mammals of Indiana: A Field Guide

John O. Whitaker, Jr.

Mammals of Indiana: A Field Guide by John O. Whitaker, Jr.

This pocket-sized field guide to native Indiana mammals offers color photos, skull close-ups, and range maps, along with descriptions and clues to finding and identifying all mammals indigenous to the area—and even a few that are not, but can now be found in the state. In addition to detailing Indiana's wild, mostly small, secretive, and nocturnal mammals, John O. Whitaker, Jr., describes the region's habitats, climate, and vegetation. Mammals of Indiana: A Field Guide precisely identifies the creatures you are likely to encounter while hiking a trail, camping in a state park, or picnicking in your own backyard. Whether you are a biologist, veterinarian, wildlife manager, or simply a nature enthusiast, this guide is certain to be a welcome companion during your next outdoor adventure.

paper / 327 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-0-253-22213-8 / $19.95
Order No. 992

Wild Indiana

Michael Habeck

Wild Indiana by Michael Habeck

Wild Indiana is a guide to more than one hundred and fifty of the Hoosier State's best outdoor destinations. It may be hard to believe, but there really are sand dunes, prairies, old growth forests, and other natural wonders left in Indiana. This book will show you how to get to those places, and tells you what to expect once you arrive. Wild Indiana contains more than 160 maps and 65 illustrations. Each destination entry includes GPS coordinates, detailed driving instructions, references, and a short narrative description.

paper / 140 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-9825929-0-8 / $11.95
Order No. 924

Birds of Indiana Field Guide

Stan Tekiela

Birds of Indiana112 species (only Indiana birds!) in an easy-to-use color guide. See a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section! Contains range maps showing where in Indiana to find the birds in summer, winter, all year or during migration. Full-page photos with corresponding full-page descriptions. Stan Tekiela's notes include naturalist information and interesting gee-whiz facts.


paper / 272 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 978-1-885061-90-4 / $12.95
Order No. 917

Trees of Indiana Field Guide

Stan Tekiela

Trees of IndianaYou don’t need to be an expert to appreciate trees. This field guide contains everything you’ll want to know, including full-page photos and detailed information about 124 species of Indiana trees, including each tree’s leaves or needles, bark, mature size, fall color, state-specific range map and more. 


paper / 272 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 978-1-59193-154-6 / $13.95
Order No. 925

Birds of Prey of the Midwest Field Guide

Stan Tekiela

Birds of Prey of the MidwestWatching birds of prey has never been easier, more informative or more enjoyable! With the Birds of Prey of the Midwest Field Guide, you have everything you need to learn about and identify flying predators found in North Dakota and Kansas, Michigan and Kentucky—and everywhere in between. Modeled after the acclaimed line of Birds of field guides, this user-friendly book is organized for efficiency and features full-color photographs, gee-whiz facts and more. 


paper / 186 pp. / 2010 / ISBN 978-1-59193-247-5 / $14.95
Order No. 2817

Fish of Indiana Field Guide

Dave Bosanko

Fish of IndianaImpress your fishing buddies with the Fish of Indiana Field Guide. Each fact-filled entry includes detailed, accurate illustrations and quick comparisons for easily identifying the freshwater fish you catch. State-specific data on range and habitat supplement the fascinating information presented for each species of fish. Plus, the convenient size and the waterproof pages make this field guide safe to take with you on shore, in the boat or on the dock. 

paper / 206 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-1-59193-220-8 / $13.95
Order No. 916

Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide of IN, KY and OH

Teresa Marrone

Wild Berries and FruitsWe all have our favorite wild berries and fruits, but do you know the best time to pick them? Are you aware of the look-alikes that may be poisonous? These topics and more are covered in this incomparable field guide. It features every detail you’ll need to locate and identify the region’s berries and fruits. 

paper / 336 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 978-1-59193-306-9 / $14.95
Order No. 2818 Temporarily Out of Stock

 Plants of the Chicago Region 4th ed.

Floyd Swink & Gerould Wilhelm

Plants of the Chicago Region 4th ed.

Describes and explains the revolutionary Coefficient of Conservatism (C values) and Floristic Quality Assessment methodology. 

cloth / 921 pp. / 1994 / ISBN 1-883362-01-6 / $28.80 $17.28
Order No. 2788

Perennials Short and Tall:  A Seasonal Progression of Flowers for Your Garden

Moya L. Andrews
Gillian Harris, Illustrator

Perennials Short and Tall

Designed for accessibility, this book offers tried-and-true advice on how to keep a yard in bloom.  Presented in the sequence in which they bloom, with a chapter devoted to each of the three major growing seasons, 25 varieties of flowers are profiled with accompanying color illustrations.

paper / 144 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-253-21976-3 / $19.95
Order No. 2687

The Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest

Thomas M. Antonio and Susanne Masi

Sunflower Family in the Upper Midwest

This novel and beautiful book has both the scientific accuracy of an academic flora and the attractiveness and usefulness of a wildflower photographic field guide. It focuses on one plant group, the Asteraceae or Sunflower family, which comprises nearly 10 percent of the midwest’s flowering plant species. The range maps for each plant are especially useful.

cloth / 439 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 1-883362-11-3 / $25.75 $15.45
Order No. 2468

Roadside Geology of Indiana

Mark J. Camp and Graham T. Richardson

Roadside Geology of Indiana

A guide to tour Indiana's timeworn topography and discover fossilized reefs, mastodon skeletons, geodes, buried bedrock valleys and the site of a meteorite impact.

paper / 315 pp. / 1999 / ISBN 0-87842-396-6 / $18.00
Order No. 2229

Dragonflies of Indiana

James R. Curry

Dragonflies of Indiana

Dragonflies are a source of wonder and delight and an important part of our biological heritage. Published by the Indiana Academy of Science.

cloth / 317 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 1-883362-11-3 / $32.00
Order No. 2377

The Making of a Conservative Environmentalist

Gordon K. Durnil

The Making of a Conservative Environmentalist

A memoir of sensible and heartfelt perspectives from a concerned citizen for whom environmentalism has become a matter of enlightened self-interest.

cloth / 216 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-32873-X / $19.95
Order No. 2172

paper / 216 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-21499-8 / $15.95
Order No. 2335

The Complete Dinosaur

James O. Farlow

The Complete Dinosaur

A presentation by forty-six experts on dinosaurs from the earliest discoveries through the contemporary controversies over their extinction. Over 350 illustrations and 16 pages in color.

cloth / 752 pp. / 1997 / ISBN 0-253-33349-0 / $59.95
Order No. 2217

People, Parks, and Perceptions - A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks

Glory-June Greiff

People, Parks, and Perceptions - A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks

A useful general history of Indiana’s state parks, this highly readable study explores changes over time in the landscape and built environment.

paper / 2009 / $19.95
Order No. 2776

Got Shade? A "Take it Easy" Approach for Today's Gardener

Carolyn Harstad

Got Shade?

This extensive and thoughtful work details everything involved in woodland gardening from the types of shade to garden design, and an encyclopedia of recommendations of shade-loving plants.

paper / 399 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-21625-7 / $24.95
Order No. 2418

Rivers Revealed: Rediscovering America's Waterways

Jerry M. Hay

Written in an engaging, conversational style, "Rivers Revealed" combines the author's lifelong love of America's waterways with practical and historic information gathered from his three decades as a professional riverlorian for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company in New Orleans. A modern-day Huck Finn, Jerry Hay spins yarns laced with personal anecdotes on such topics as navigating 500 miles of the Wabash River, the trials and tribulations of building a sternwheeler, "reading" the river, how to plan your own river adventure, a hair-raising but humorous river rescue, an unforgettable goose named Gilligan, the language of the rivers and riverboats, early to present-day river navigation, and much, much more. A book for all who love Mark Twain, these river adventures will entertain the landlubber and engage the boating enthusiast.

paper / 308 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-253-21875-9
Order No. 2644

Eternal Vigilance: Nine Tales of Environmental Heroism in Indiana

Steven Higgs

Eternal Vigilance

Stories of exemplary courage, persistence, and dedication to improve Indiana's environment by nine Hoosier environmentalists over a four decade period.

cloth / 224 pp. / 1995 /ISBN 0-253-32895-0/$29.95
Order No. 2196

paper / 224 pp. / 1995 / ISBN 0-253-20971-4 /$13.95
Order No. 2197

Orchids of Indiana

Michael A. Homoya

Orchids of IndianaShows all forty-three of the orchids now growing in Indiana, with detailed descriptions, range maps, and 92 color photographs.

cloth / 276 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-253-32864-0 / $40.00
Order No. 2107

The Natural Heritage of Indiana

Marion Jackson

The Natural Heritage of Indiana

The Natural Heritage of Indiana is the first popular survey of the natural heritage and environmental problems of the state. Lavishly illustrated with maps, drawings, diagrams, and nearly 500 full-color photographs by the state's best nature photographers, it also contains 58 essays by Indiana's leading scholar-teachers and practitioners.

cloth / 482 pp. / 1997 reprinted 2008 / ISBN 0-253-33074-2 / $49.95 20% OFF
Order No. 2202

The Nature Conservancy's Guide to Indiana Preserves

Photographs by Christopher Jordan and Ron Leonetti, Foreward by Marion T. Jackson

The Nature's Conservancy's Guide to Indiana Preserves

From the majestic dunes of Northwest Indiana to the lush cypress sloughs at the convergence of the Ohio and Wabash Rivers - and all places in between - Indiana boasts a remarkable variety of natural areas. The Nature Conservancy' s Guide to Indiana Preserves is an invaluable resource as you journey to these wonderful parts of the state.

These are also places that for the most part have escaped the plow, chainsaw, and bulldozer. And yet many have incredible human histories that are as much a part of the preserves as the plants and animals found there. Written by a host of different authors, the descriptions go well beyond the normal flora-and-fauna statistics. The natural beauty of each preserve is captured with stunning detail in the images of noted photographers Christopher Jordan and Ron Leonetti.

paper / 311 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0-253-21859-4 / $27.95
Order No. 2615

Birds of Indianapolis: A Guide to the Region

Charles E. Keller and Timothy C. Keller

Birds of Indianapolis

A complete introduction and guide to birding in the Indianapolis area and the surrounding counties of Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock, Morgan, Johnson, and Shelby.

cloth / 169 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-253-33119-6 / $26.95
Order No. 2289

paper / 169 pp. / 1993 / ISBN 0-253-28534-8 / $12.95
Order No. 2290

Periodical Cicadas: The Plague and the Puzzle

Gene Kritsky

Indiana Academy of Science

Periodical Cicadas

Periodical cicadas are the "bugs" of history. When first encountered by settlers in the New World, they were first thought of as a plague and later as a harbinger of war. This public fear was replaced with the puzzle of their biology as natural historians started to study these insects. This book will take the reader on a historical tour of periodical cicadas by reviewing unpublished and rarely read papers on cicadas, written over a 260-year period. Periodical Cicadas: the Plague and the Puzzle is the ideal book to start your own study of these fascinating insects.

cloth / 160 pp. / ISBN 1-883362-13-x / $25.00 $9.00
Order No. 2469

Of Woods and Water

Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan

Of Woods and WaterCelebrated photographers Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan explore the diversity of Michigan landscapes in their latest collection of photographs. Forests, prairies, savannas, wetlands, the shorelines of four Great Lakes, and the variety of terrain that crosses the Upper Peninsula are featured in more than 140 color images. Of Woods and Water conveys the natural allure and hidden treasures that exist in Michigan—scattered, isolated, and generally small in size, their protection and preservation are paramount. At present, these beautiful landscapes thrive, untouched by the urban sprawl that sweeps our country's land, but a greater awareness for and involvement in the preservation of our threatened natural communities are greatly needed. This shared love of nature and the unexpected gifts the state has to offer guided Leonetti and Jordan in producing a splendid body of work that captures the spirit of Michigan's untamed beauty.

cloth / 160 pp. / 2008 / ISBN 978-0-253-35276-7 / $34.95 $20.97
Order No. 2709

Unexpected Indiana: A Portfolio of Natural Landscapes

Ron Leonetti and Christopher Jordan

Unexpected Indiana

Unexpected Indiana represents a unique collaboration between two photographers. Jordan and Leonetti share a deep love of nature and a fascination with the hidden gems that can be found within the state. Working in traditional medium and large film formats, the photographers have produced a spectacular body of work that captures the essence of Indiana’s natural beauty.

cloth / 166 pp. / ISBN 0-253-34485-9 / $35.00
Order No. 2477

Indiana Best Hikes

Alan McPherson

Indiana Best Hikes

This book is a guide to 106 "best hikes" in Indiana.

paper / 495 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 0-9672922-1-2 / $22.95
Order No. 2357

Nature Walks in Southern Indiana

Alan McPherson

Nature Walks of Southern Indiana

A guidebook useful for wide interests and abilities, from simple outings to longer hikes and nature walks.

paper / 592 pp. / 1991 reprinted 2002 / ISBN 0-9672922-2-0 / $22.95
Order No. 2358

Nature Walks in Northern Indiana

Alan McPherson

Nature Walks in Northern Indiana

This book describes more than 200 nature outing opportunities.

paper / 496 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 0-9628469-1-0 / $15.95
Order No. 2359

Paddle Indiana: An Access Guide to Canoeing & Kayaking Indiana Lakes & Streams

Alan McPherson

Paddle Indiana

Paddling Indiana can take you places by water which you may never see on foot.

paper / 403 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 0-96729220-4 / $22.95
Order No. 2360

Amphibians & Reptiles of Indiana

Sherman A. Minton, Jr.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Indiana

The author was a pioneer in the study of venomous animals, especially reptiles, and the toxicology of venom. No one has contributed more to our knowledge of Indiana amphibians and reptiles. Published by the Indiana Academy of Science.

cloth / 420 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 1-883362-10-5445 / $38.00
Order No. 2378

Indiana's Weather and Climate

John E. Oliver

Indiana's Weather and Climate by John E. Oliver

There's more to Indiana weather than what greets us when we go outdoors. Ever wonder why the daily weather report is so erratic? Why the seasons seem to come too early or start too late? Whether there really is such a thing as global warming? This fascinating and informative book tells the story behind the daily forecast, seasonal variations, and climate change. It explains why there are seasons in this part of the world and examines some of their more dramatic aspects—thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, droughts, and snowstorms. Here you'll find information on forecasting, weather satellites, and data collection; on faraway events that influence Indiana's weather, such as El Niño; and on long- and short-term changes in Indiana's climate beginning more than 1,000 years ago. Air pollution, urban heat islands, "the LaPorte anomaly"—it's all here in this comprehensive and up-to-date reference.

Paper / 176 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-22056-1 / $29.95
Order No. 2755 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Natural Heritage of Indiana (DVD)

WFYI Productions
Samuel Orr, Documentary Filmmaker

Marion Jackson described his vision for the book The Natural Heritage of Indiana as “a celebration of Indiana’s natural heritage—its natural and human history, its landscape and its life—what it once was, what it is now, and what it promises to be.” He emphasizes the importance of understanding the past to prepare “us better to mold Indiana’s future.” He issued this challenge: “if you feel moved to help protect what remains of Indiana’s natural heritage, our objective will have been fulfilled.”

The series shares that mission. Documentary filmmaker Samuel Orr has spent more than two years, and has traveled thousands of miles to bring the landmark book to television in a four-part documentary series. The programs are produced in stunning high definition, and reveal their subjects through breathtaking photography, time-lapse cameras and innovative camera placement.

DVD / 2008 / $30.00
Order No. 2721

A Conservationist Manifesto

Scott Russell Sanders

As an antidote to the destructive culture of consumption dominating American life today, Scott Russell Sanders calls for a culture of conservation that allows us to savor and preserve the world, instead of devouring it. How might we shift to a more durable and responsible way of life? What changes in values and behavior will be required? Ranging geographically from southern Indiana to the Boundary Waters Wilderness and culturally from the Bible to billboards, Sanders extends the visions of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Rachel Carson to our own day. A Conservationist Manifesto shows the crucial relevance of a conservation ethic at a time of mounting concern about global climate change, depletion of natural resources, extinction of species, and the economic inequities between rich and poor nations. The important message of this powerful book is that conservation is not simply a personal virtue but a public one.

cloth / 238 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-22080-6 / $50.00
Order No. 2742

paper / 238 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-22080-6 / $19.95
Order No. 2740

Looking at History: Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region, 1600 to 1950

Ellen Sieber and Cheryl Ann Munson

Looking at History: Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region

A history of a 9-county region, from geologic times to the present.

paper / 131 pp. / 1992 / ISBN 0-253-28789-8 / $14.95
Order No. 2174

The Farmers' Market Book: Growing Food, Cultivating Community

Jennifer Meta Robinson and J.A. Hartenfeld

The Farmers' Market Book examines the growing national phenomenon of local farmers' markets through the story of the market in Bloomington, Indiana, and considers the social, ecological, and economic power of farmers' markets generally.

paper / 271 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-253-21916-9 / $19.95
Order No. 2643

Mammals of Indiana

John O. Whitaker, Jr., and Russell E. Mumford

Mammals of Indiana by John O. Whitaker, Jr., and Russell E. Mumford This highly anticipated new edition of Mammals of Indiana by John O. Whitaker, Jr., and Russell E. Mumford, first published by Indiana University in 1982, places strong emphasis on ecology with descriptions of Indiana's habitats, climate, and vegetation and detailed species accounts. This well-illustrated book will be a boon to residents of Indiana, many of whom have little acquaintance with the state's 57 species of wild, mostly small, secretive, and nocturnal mammals, and it is sure to please the most avid ecology enthusiast. Summarizing current knowledge about Indiana's mammal species, the volume will also be an important reference for biologists, veterinarians, and wildlife managers throughout the Midwest and beyond.

cloth / 683 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-34971-2 / $75.00
Order No. 2720

Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers

Kay Yatskievych

Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers

Color photographs accompany the entries, giving the scientific name, common name, habitat, general distribution in the state, months of blooming, size of plants or flowers, of 1,568 herbaceous species.

paper / 318 pp. / 2000 / ISBN 0-253-33828-X / $19.95
Order No. 344

Related Issues of The Indiana Historian

paper / ISSN 1071-3301 / $1.00 (1-19 copies); $.30 (20 or more copies)

Archaeology: Uncovering Indiana's Past

Angel Mounds was a settlement of Indians in the Mississippian period. Describes life at Angel Mounds using archaeological clues.

12 pp. / 1992
Order No. 7008

Archaeology in Indiana: the Early Years

Basic definitions; activities in Indiana to 1966; Indiana law; what an archaeologist does.

16 pp. / 1999
Order No. 7048

Archaeology in Indiana--the Science Today

Development of archaeology in Indiana over the last 60 years; timeline of cultures in Indiana from 12,000 years ago; surveying and excavating a site.

16 pp. / 2000
Order No. 7051

Footprints Across the Dunes

The geography, geology, and natural history of the dunes along Indiana's Lake Michigan shore; effect on state's development and public policy.

16 pp. / 1994
Order No. 7029

Gene Stratton-Porter

Porter was a self-trained writer, naturalist, and photographer. Two state historic sites memorialize her life and accomplishments.

16 pp. / 1996