What Happens Next?

  • Proof of Income - like a recent pay stub or something from the employer showing last month's income. If there is income from other sources like social security, then include some type of statement showing how much is being received.

  • Proof of Citizenship – anyone applying for or renewing health coverage must provide proof that they are a citizen of the United States

  • IF the children are not US citizens - you will need proof of your children's immigration status (not the parents'), like an immigration card or number.

  • IF the children have private health insurance -you will need proof of the private insurance, like an insurance card or the insurance policy or policy number.

  • IF you or one of the children applying for health care is pregnant -you will need something signed by a licensed health care professional (doctor or nurse) or the name of the health care professional who can verify the pregnancy and the date it began.


If you have any additional questions call the Hoosier Healthwise Helpline 1-800-889-9949