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The staff consists of three master's level social workers full-time and one on part-time contract. RSH is very supportive of continuing education, making schedules as flexible as possible to allow for class time and practicums while still providing services assigned. We also have another nine social workers with bachelor's degrees. Each person has to complete a set number of continuing educations hours each year. The state has criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for employment. Although a degree in social work is preferred, a person with a degree in a related area with relevant experience can be considered. The state does not require licensure, but most of our staff has this credential.

The National Association of Social Workers is the professional group. The web site is The goal of social work is to assist our clients to attain the highest independent level of functioning possible and to link those we serve to resources that will provide additional assistance in achieving this goal. People are drawn to the profession through a desire to help others. Many have been through family and other personal experiences that have led them to this choice.

Social workers provide patients with a variety of services.

  1. They are often in contact with families (unless the patient has refused to give permission for this)
  2. Assistance with financial issues
  3. Admissions and discharge planning
  4. Documentation
  5. Serving on Treatment Teams and/or being the coordinator
  6. Assisting patients and families in solving a variety of problems
  7. Providing patients and families with information concerning clinical issues
  8. Attendance at administrative and clinical committee meetings
  9. Providing supervision, consultation, orientation, and student placements as a mentor/field instructor
  10. Obtaining benefits for which a person may be eligible
  11. Being an advocate for the patient both within the hospital and with associated agencies
  12. Provide individual, group, and family therapy and supportive counseling
  13. Complete routine online integrated assessments

The social worker brings a unique perspective to the Treatment Team in terms of relationships and support networks in the community. They are aware of resources and programs that can be arranged to provide a variety of services once the patient is ready to leave the hospital. Social workers are in frequent contact with the Comprehensive Mental Health Centers through the liaison (the gatekeeper) through which patients enter and leave the hospital.