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Cast Opportunities

Stardust & Moonbeams


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: self-tape by invitation only

Audition Date: self-tape by invitation only

About the Project
The woman is behind the camera. The man is in front of it. Sparks will fly. Think smart, fun, and sexy. Think sexual equality.

This 20-min film will shoot at Farmer House Museum, Bloomington, Indiana. Set at the end of the '20s, this film is very much about today - by women, for women (and the men who love them). Our tag line is "Grab the Camera - Change the View."

The director is Terri Farley-Teruel, who directed the WWII romantic feature Beautiful Dreamer. The writer/producer is Madelyn Ritrosky, co-author of the forthcoming women's fiction novel of the same name. They will cast the roles.

With 65% of our funds for the shoot, we're still fundraising for $5,000. Our website is www.StardustMoonbeams.com and our fundraising page is http://emol.org/film/archives/stardustmoonbeams/fundraising.html

Project Filming Dates: Jan 24-28, 2015

Casting Needs

Casting Needs There are 6 roles, with 3 already cast, including the 2 leads. We are now looking for 3 of the 4 SUPPORTING roles.

JANET VAN MIRRON (ages 25-37, blonde hair):  Janet is 32, divorced, and co-manages the family department store (it's her niche) with younger brother Will Townsend (co-lead). She's a feminist, but it's tough being a woman manager in this era, so she has gotten comfortable with Will as co-manager. She belongs to the same birth control rights group as the other 2 women but not as radical as Will's wife, Beth Delkit Townsend (co-lead). Janet is dating Cary - her asst manager and 2 yrs younger. 

CARY GWYNNART (ages 23-35, blonde hair, sexy good looks):  Cary is 30, prone to wise-cracks, and the dept store asst manager. His best friend is Will Townsend (co-lead), who is married to Cary's cousin, Beth Delkit Townsend (co-lead).  Store co-managers Will and Janet Van Mirron (Will's older sister) are Cary's bosses at work - and she is his girlfriend. He supports her as a woman manager in this era but still chafes at store gossip that he's "the boss’s boy."   

CHERILYN SYKES FITZSIMMONS (ages 22-33, medium/darker hair):  Cherilyn is 29, friend and bookshop employee of Beth Delkit Townsend (co-lead). She's a feminist, belonging to the same birth control rights group as the other 2 women but not as radical as Beth. Her husband is a chef (not in any scenes). Her youngest of 3 siblings, Matt Sykes (supporting), 16, is visiting from out of town. Their mother died when he was born, her doctor giving no contraception or information to prevent a dangerous last pregnancy. This motivates Cherilyn’s birth control work.


Non- Union Paid

Audition Requirements
Contact info (for more information)
Send headshot, resume, and reel to writer/producer Madelyn Ritrosky madelyn@stardustmoonbeams.com

Self-taped auditions will be by invitation only.

For More Information

see above

Start Date for Posting Nov 19, 2014

End Date for Posting Dec 8, 2014





Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Skype/Face time/Starbucks

Audition Date: Weekends/Evenings of weekdays, mostly evenings

About the Project
A struggling writer who is going to fight all the challenges in his life ad finally realizes the truth about life

Project Filming Dates: After the thanksgiving weekend

Casting Needs

We need very good actors and this script demands some intense performances.

 Male: Must be  able to play the role of a writer.Age(between 29 to 35)

 Female:Playing the supporting character as wife to the writer Age(between 27 to 33)

Non- Union/ unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Contact info (for more information)




Swiss Attraction


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: See Below/Arranged- by Skype/ Facetime

Audition Date: See Below/Arranged

About the Project
Swiss Attraction

Project Description (logline)
On the tail end of a sudden break-up, Cindy struggles with reclaiming her lost youth.

Project Filming Dates: Dec 13th-20. Dec 27-Jan 4th

Casting Needs

Cindy-25-30 years in age.

Heavy vocal work.

Deeply compassionate young woman struggling with returning to a rocky relationship.  After a sudden illness, she wants nothing more than to let her "ex" know how she feels.


Non-union/ unpaid

Audition Requirements
Audition Requirements
Headshot,Prepared Monologue

Contact info (for more information)

E-mail to set up a time and date for the Skype audition.

For More Information

Posting comes down December 7th


Life, Assisted


Project Type: Other

Audition Location: TBA

Audition Date: by appointment

About the Project
A new “coming of senior age” comedic web series. Elsie leads her fellow irreverent, indifferent, mischievous nursing home posse joyfully into older age with uproarious, oftentimes inappropriate antics that belie their senior citizen status and test the patience of their offspring and nursing home staff.

Project Filming Dates: Jan/Feb 2015

Casting Needs

ELSIE [FEMALE, 80, CAUCASIAN] A feisty 80 year old who loves singing, sugary foods, and the occasional toke. Elsie has recently been placed at a nursing home following a fire that burned down her house. Indignant at the loss of freedom, she passes her time attempting to escape the facility. Often she’ll engage her new cohorts and her grandson in her antics.

HECTOR [MALE, 30s, LATINO] A nurse whose kindness traps him within Elsie’s schemes. A well known staple of the Morning Star home. Hector has been at the facility for more than a decade, passing on promotions and better job offers to stay where he is. Along with his nursing duties, he is assigned to new residents to help with their transition. Hector is gay, out of the closet, but not in the street, so to speak.

CONNOR [MALE, 8, CAUCASIAN] A young, tech‐savvy boy who’s often the deer in the headlights of his grandmother’s speeding antics. A young boy who is old enough to know better, but will probably never be old enough to say no to his grandmother, Elsie. A lifetime of fatherly doting has inundated the boy with a wide variety of technology, ranging from toys to expensive cameras. These, along with the boy, often find their way into Elsie’s schemes.

ALFRED [MALE, 70s-80s] A horny sailor whose ship sailed on long ago, leaving him behind. Cursed with fading senses, a robust libido, and thick skin, Alfred throws a wide net of propositions, often wider than he intends.

CANDY [FEMALE, 70s-80s] Suffering from dementia, Candy is fascinated with the nursing home vending machine, spending most of her time perched in front of it. She quotes candy slogans as dialogue and often mumbles vending machine slot numbers when describing personal feelings.

Non- Union/ Paid

Audition Requirements
Send resume and head shot/reel to life.assisted.series@gmail.com

For More Information

see above

Posting comes down 12/31/2014



Bachelor Party Show


Project Type: TV Show

Audition Location: apply at http://bit.ly/1Eg4iq8

Audition Date: apply at http://bit.ly/1Eg4iq8

About the Project
We’re working on casting a new major cable network series that wants to give grooms and their best guy friends the ultimate BACHELOR PARTY. (Think sporty, high-end adventures, not Vegas and strippers!)

The series will be produced by Zero Point Zero, the award-winning production company behind hit shows such as Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Parts Unknown, and Brew Masters, and will help groups of guy friends give their soon-to-be-married buddy the ultimate bachelor send-off!

Project Filming Dates: See flyer

Casting Needs

We are looking for your friends, family, coworkers or clients who are probably about to get married and might be interested in this opportunity to enjoy an epic adventure with the boys before tying the knot! This isn’t about strip clubs and casinos - if you and your buddies are more Anthony Bourdain or Jon Stewart and less Jersey Shore, and want to cement your brotherhood with one last unforgettable adventure just for the boys before the groom gets hitched, we can hook it up!

Whether you want to jump out of planes, have a private poker game with hand-rolled cigars, live in a three-day paint gun battle or a scavenger hunt – we’ll try to make your bachelor party legendary.


Audition Requirements
If you're a group of creative, high-energy, hilarious guys ready for a crazy tricked-out bachelor throw-down, please get in touch ASAP at bachelorpartyshow@gmail.com<mailto:bachelorpartyshow@gmail.com> or apply at http://bit.ly/1Eg4iq8

We’d love for you to share this casting opportunity with anyone you think might be interested, and please feel free to share the attached casting flyer.

For More Information

Please don’t hesitate with any questions, and we look forward to hearing from some awesome guys!



Jen and Kate

BachelorPartyShow@gmail.com> The House that Casting Built 5 Penn Plaza | 23rd Floor | New York, NY | 10001 http://thehousethatcastingbuilt.com/


King of Clubs


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: TBD, scheduled auditions

Audition Date: 12/7/2014

About the Project
Project Description (logline)
“The King of Clubs” is an action-packed feature length thriller about one family’s dark quest for vengeance. After watching their adoptive father get murdered by a ruthless gangster named DeWitt, Kenny and his siblings struggle with the hole that their father’s untimely death left in their hearts, and lives. As they embark on their quest for vengeance, they soon learn that the adage “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” rings true.

Project Filming Dates: March/April 2015

Casting Needs

Casting Needs

Mark, a former high school athlete, is a pill addicted twenty something with a quick temper. After getting shot in the knee, a once promising career in sports has dwindled. Stuck in a cycle of self-loathing and depression, Mark must overcome the anger he feels towards his family to help extract the revenge he feels is needed. Mark is known to go into fits of rage, and would sooner start a fight than talk through a dilemma. This role requires someone who is athletic, who is comfortable being in a romantic scene that includes kissing.


Liana, an assistant district attorney, has spent the last few years collecting evidence that would see the man that killed her father behind bars. Liana is very intelligent and seems to be a little unsympathetic. Liana is a blunt, no nonsense individual. When she turns this evidence into her boss, the district attorney, she is betrayed and given to Dewitt. This role requires some brief nudity, including a romantic scene that includes kissing.


Slick is a small wo/man (gender can be male or female) who is quick witted, sharp tongued and unafraid. Slick is always seen with his much larger, mute, sibling Blaster. Slick often jokes that the two of them form one perfect person. Slick is the brains and Blaster is the muscle. Slick and Blaster are inseparable, and rarely are seen not together. Slick gets along with all of his siblings, and is respected by all of them. This role will require being quick witted, as Slick is the comedic relief in an otherwise bleak world. Someone who has some improv experience would do well in this role. Talent over 5’6” should not apply; talent must be shorter and not well defined.


Blaster is the biggest person in the group, both in height and muscle. It is said that Blaster has the strength of three strong men. While many people see Blaster as a simple mute, Blaster is actually deeply intellectual. He understands problems and can read people. Blaster is always around Slick, protecting him from sources that would otherwise kill him. Blaster is stronger than all of his siblings, and is arguably the most honorable member of his family. Talent should be very tall and well built. People under 6’ should not apply. While there is no dialogue for Blaster, Blaster has a huge screen presence.


Abigail is the heart of her siblings, and the oldest. After her father gets killed, she finishes med school and becomes a surgeon. Abigail is not interested in revenge, and tries to talk her siblings out of their revenge quest. She is very bubbly and optimistic, but the events of the past has left some deep scarring. She can be very emotional, and her naturally bubbly attitude can drop in the right situation. Abigail is cool, calm and collected.


Michelle, or Bombshell to some people, is the baby of the group. After seeing her father get killed, she elected to join the enemy. Working as a stripper at DeWitt’s club, Bombshell has undying loyalty to her new boss. Making a decent living, and being one of the more popular dancers, Bombshell is remorseless and self-centered. When her family comes out of the wood work, Bombshell is not receptive. As her family members start to die off, she soon realizes that she may be next. She is faced with the dilemma of betraying her new boss, or her family. Talent should have some exotic dancing experience, and be comfortable with being nude in a few scenes.


Omar, or Pops, is the adopted father of seven kids (one of them, Kenny, is his biological son). Pops, a retired police officer, decided to open a bar called “King of Clubs” after his retirement. He is very loving to his children, and often gives very practical life lessons and advice to his children. While Pops was on the police force, he found himself constantly at odds with DeWitt, who would always escape his grasp. DeWitt respected Pops, because Pops was the one person he could never bribe away.


DeWitt’s hired thugs, ruthless and effective.


Speaking role/extra.


Exotic dancers, some nudity may be required.

Non-Union/ unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Contact info (for more information) Please email wayfaringafterthoughtpictures@gmail.com for more information.

take off 12/7


Family Business for Documentary Series


Project Type: Television Show

Audition Location: Philadelphia or via Skype

Audition Date: Rolling

About the Project
This will be a docu-series about a family business focused on a family of big personalities and a fun business.

Project Filming Dates: 2015

Casting Needs

Family who thinks their business should be on TV, family business owners

Union/ paid

Audition Requirements
Contact officeassistant@nancyglassproductions.com

For More Information

end date for posting: 5/31/2015



House Flipper Renovator (New TV Show)


Project Type: television

Audition Location: Philidelphia or Skype

Audition Date: Rolling

About the Project

Do you flip or renovate houses? Do you have a big personality ready for television? Do people tell you should have your own TV show? If so, we want to hear from you.

Please email with the subject heading “RENOVATION CASTING” and tell us about your business, how many houses you have worked on, and abut your personality. Please include photos and/or video of yourself and the people you work with.

Project Filming Dates: 11/2/14-5/31/15

Casting Needs

Looking for house flippers or renovator experience

Union/ Paid

Audition Requirements
To addition reach out to- officeassistant@nancyglassproductions.com

For More Information

End posting date- 5/31/2015


Guy's Grocery Games


Project Type: Food Network show

Audition Location: see below

Audition Date: see below

About the Project
Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high-stakes, high-skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock" or having to create a masterpiece when you can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget. In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious dough!

Project Filming Dates: see below

Casting Needs

Looking for cooks, chefs, profressionals from all arround and all cooking styles!

For More Information

 For more information, see:

Bianca Macaluso

Casting Associate-“Guy’s Grocery Games"








The Promise


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Terre Haute, IN

Audition Date: January 5, 2015 at 2PM

About the Project
Mackenzie Miller is a beautiful woman in her mid 20's and she is looking for Mr. Right. She is a news anchor and she loves her job, but she wants to marry and start a family while she is still young. However, she is also trying to keep the promise she made to her dying grandmother. That promise is that she would live with and care for Grandpa, until God calls him home. She has promised she will never place him in a nursing home. She also promised Grandma Violet that she would never date a man that Grandpa does not approve of. Therefore, she must (although reluctantly) introduce all her dates to Grandpa before she goes out with them.

But Grandpa has plans of his own: Run them off so that they never want to ask Mackenzie out again! It's as simple as that.
The Promise is a heartwarming romantic comedy that tackles family issues, looking for love, forgiveness, and keeping promises.

Project Filming Dates: May - August 2015

Casting Needs


Caucasian male, approximately 70 years old. Must be hilariously funny. Must be able to say a lot with your expressions, and not always words. We want someone who is healthy! But we also want a male who is able to deliver the laughs with his leading lady granddaughter. We want someone who has a good memory and can remember his lines. If you feel you fit this casting call, please submit ASAP. Fuel expenses will be the responsibility of actor.


We are ONLY looking for a Caucasian female between the ages of 18 and 26. Must be beautiful, with long beautiful hair, preferably a blonde, but will consider brunettes. Please do not submit if you have a bob haircut! We are looking for an actress who can not only be gorgeous but also have the innocent look. Please, no facial piercings other than in the ears! And no visible tattoos.


*We are hoping to get an actress that will have no more than a 2 hour drive to our location. So please consider this before you submit. Fuel expenses will be the responsibility of actress.

Non- Union/ un Paid

Audition Requirements

Contact info (for more information)
Dreams Come True Films, located in Terre Haute, Indiana is excited to announce an open casting call for the 2015 feature length romantic comedy "The Promise" to be directed by Daniel Beard.

Shooting for the film will take place in either late spring or early summer 2015 in Terre Haute, Indiana. We will do our best to work around everyone’s schedule. Sorry, but no transportation will be provided or reimbursed, so before you submit, please be sure you can afford your own travel expenses. Lodging may be something we can help with, and food is always provided while on set. Shooting will be 8-10 hour days. We may film weekends only, or we may film for five days, take a ten day break, return for five days, break for ten, and repeat. *This will depend on the availability of the two leads and open for discussion.

SUBMISSIONS must include at least 4 RECENT head shots! Please do not submit head shots from years ago. We need to know what you look like NOW. Please also be sure head shots are not completely altered / photo shopped. If you show up to the live audition not looking like the photos submitted, you will be sent home. We also need one full body shot as well. Please also include a resume, no matter how short it may be. Also include current age, your location and your work schedule if you hold a job and let us know how often you would be available for filming if selected.

Payment for the roles of Mackenzie and Grandpa Miller will be deferred until / if we are able to get a distribution deal and we can make a profit after we recoup our initial investment. Full film credit and IMDb credit will be given. A safe, friendly and fun working environment will be provided.

For More Information

*DALLAS icon, Ken Kercheval is attached to this film, as a special guest star.*

We have many product placement sponsors, which include: Chrysler, TIDE, Green Giant, Hostess, Suave and the game show Family Feud.


Reach out to casting director Daniel Beard @ dbeard8908@aol.com




Love of a Lifetime


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Theater on the Square

Audition Date: December 6, 2014

About the Project
Love of a Lifetime is a romance and suspense movie based off the novel by Denise Hill.

The lead character is Jordan Daniels. Jordan has been in and out of worthless relationships and is just about to give up on love when he learns that someone special, someone that has occupied a place in his heart for years, has moved back to his hometown of Indianapolis. Jordan is the color of a Hershey chocolate bar who stands at 6'2 with a muscular build, goatee and a shaved head.

Project Filming Dates: late January or early February

Casting Needs

 Role                  Race               Age

Brenda                                    30-35

Danielle            Black               32-38

Jasmine           Black               32-38

Vanessa          Black               35-40

Mrs. Cole         Black                55-60

Mrs. Daniels    Black                55-60

Jessica                      22-38

Patricia                         30-40

Jordan's sisters
Monica sister in law    Black    35-40
Theresa                      Black     35-42
Savannah                   Black     35-40
Loretta                        Black     35-42

Jordan's Brothers

Matthew                     Black     32-37

Michael                       Black     32-35

Sonny    Brother in laws          35-40

Richard- Brother in laws          35-40


Alexis                                       28-32

Roberto                                    30-35


Ronnie                                      38-48
Sheila                                        30-38

their two little girls                      4-5

Mrs. Jones                                50-60

Chief of Police                           50-60

3 Police officers

Toni Reynolds                     30-37

Jonathan  Black                          40-50

Jared        Black                          35-40

Jordan's Intern                           18-24

Grand children

London    Girl  Black                    16-18

Drake      Boy  Black                    16-18

Lyric        Girl                                8-12

Ryan       Girl                               13-15

Mrs & Mrs Smith Black                 55-60


I also am looking for volunteers, Cinematographer, Lighting, Sound mixer and Editor. Filming will take place here in Indiana in Jan or Feb depending on the weather. For anyone interested they should contact me at dhpublisingco@gmail.com.  This a non union paid positions.

Non- Union/ Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

contact Denise Hill at dhpublishingco@gmail.com




Audition Location: 225 S. east St, Indianapolis, In 46202

Audition Date: 2/6/2015

About the Project
Project Description (logline)
Default is an action/thriller in which a student loan organization takes collections matters into its own hands. They want there student loan money back by any means necessary!

Project Filming Dates: 2/6/2015

Casting Needs

Casting Needs Roman (21-27) - Is a skilled computer hacker who has took on the task of trying to destroy the system that is student loan collections. It's always hard to calculate where his mind takes him next but he only cares about his mission in destroying the collections company and won't stop until that happens.

Linda (22-25) - Linda is a young homeless woman that has been on the streets just trying to stay alive. She  is deceiving, smart, and cunning. She has a strange sense of perfection but something about her is off cause with her skillsets there is no way she can be poor for no good reason.

Rodney Weaver (27-35) - Rodney is a Loans collections officer who is seasoned in american hand to hand combat and martial arts. He spent a few years abroad spying on friendl countries and watching their nuclear abilities. The money was better at the Collections agencies "extreme default collections dept."

Lenny (22-25) - Lenny is a young college graduate who is running into his own set of student loan issues . He refuses to end up in default and is ready to go to any lengths to maintain that "Current status"

Lt (30-34) - LT is all about business. Stoic, focused and cold LT is the reasons collections either get collected or "Written off". LT has confidence oozing out his pores. 6 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with Delta force and Seal teams makes him a serious force to meet face to face. LT neede something to do when he returned home and a regular job just wouldn't quite fit him properly...

Cop 1&2: 5-0 what else can i say. lol.

Collections SwAT: Mean and deadly.


Non-union/ paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information


Dark Ground

September 20th, 2014

Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Columbus, IN

Audition Date: February 16 & 17, 2015; TIMES - February 16, 2015 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM ; February 17, 2015 from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM

About the Project
Independent Film: A paranormal thriller based on actual events which follows four males through their experiences of encountering an evil paranormal presence. The film is based on actual paranormal events in a state forest the story follows four young men that hear about a tale / local myth “the black ladies grave.” They decide to go and investigate the area for themselves, however, what they encounter is not what they planned for or expected. What they stumbled upon that night was only the beginning.

Project Filming Dates: June 2015

Casting Needs

LEAD Native American male – ages 30 – 40.  Average to slightly overweight build.  Between 5’10 and 6’1.


  LEAD 3 MALE --Teens –– age 17 – 22 who can look age 18 – 19.  Minors should have a guardian with them – or written permission from a guardian to be videotaped.


  MALE 1 - Average build with black hair.  Between 5’5 and 5’10.


 MALE 2 - Average build with black/brown hair.  Between 5’10 and 6’2.


 MALE 3 - Average build with blond/sandy brown hair.  Between 6’2 and 6’5.


 Seeking: 4 MALE --Teens –– age 18 – 25 who can look age 19 – 21.  Minors should have a guardian with them – or written permission from a guardian to be videotaped.


  Seeking Caucasian male – age 27 – 35.  Average to athletic build with no visible tattoos or piercings.  Between 5’4 and 5’10.


  Seeking Caucasian female – age 25 – 35 who can look age 19 – 26.  Average to athletic build with no visible tattoos or piercings.  Between 4’10 and 5’5.


 Seeking Native American / Light Hispanic / female – age 20 – 30 who can look age 19 – 25.  Straight black hair, thin athletic build with no visible tattoos or piercings.  Between 4’10 and 5’5.


 Seeking Caucasian female – age 50 – 60 who can look age 55 – 70.  Average to slightly overweight build with long white/gray hair with no visible tattoos or piercings.  Between 4’10 and 5’5.


  Several Bit Roll parts (less than six scripted lines) and Extras also available. (All genders and race)

Non- Union/ Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Meetings will be with Directors Chris McDaniel and Craig Whedon and Casting Director, Vonda McDaniel.  No acting experience is necessary. No need to prepare or rehearse prior to your appointment. Interviews and auditions will be video taped for later review for the directors.


 ***Applicants MUST submit an application prior to being appointed a scheduled audition time. Due to limited time, NO WALK-INS ALLOWED.


HOW TO SUBMIT APPLICTION FOR AN AUDITION: Visit C&C website at www.ccfilmingproductions.com Visit the Casting Auditions page and submit on-line application at the bottom of the page. Then send a headshot or recent photograph along with full name/ address/phone number and email to tooscary4u2bhere@yahoo.com  All applicants must follow these steps in order to be considered for an audition.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: February 01, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST


For more information please visit our website:  http://www.ccfilmingproductions.com


Nowhere Nothin' ...


Project Type: Feature Film

About the Project
A reckless rock & roll musician must reevaluate his life when he returns to his small hometown for his younger sister's wedding.

Project Filming Dates: January - February 2015

Casting Needs

Jake Sinclair (27)
The former frontman of the once promising alt-country band The Strangers, Jake is a talented but fledgling musician with a devil-may-care attitude. Jake left the band and moved to LA five years ago, where he is often the life of the party and embraces burning the candle at both ends. Jake's rowdiness is thrown into sharp contrast when he returns to his small hometown of Wawasee to attend his sister Claire's wedding.

Claire Sinclair (21)
Jake's younger sister and the reason for Jake's return home. She is his biggest cheerleader and also the most critical of him. Unlike Jake, Claire has grown to learn to meet life's curveballs with remarkable intelligence, humor and grace, harboring a wisdom beyond her youth. She is incredibly faithful and selfless with her family and friends, and is seen as a Guardian Angel of the community. She wants to bring Jake back into the family fold, but her patience is challenged by his carelessness.

Rachel Avery (27)
Jake's former girlfriend and bandmate. A strong woman who relates to Jake's penchant for self-destruction more than she cares to admit, Rachel has learned from the mistakes of her past and worked hard to build a life in Wawasee. Jake's sudden reappearance, and insistence on spending time with her, brings up old feelings and opens up old wounds, throwing her best laid plans for a loop.

Graham Williams (24)
Claire's fiance. A bit of a dolt, what Graham lacks in intelligence he makes up for with his love and loyalty to family. Jake's approval means the world to him, and he hopes to become friends with Jake during his stay, but Graham's straight laced ways continue to embarrass Jake.

Lou Walsh (27)
Jake's former best friend and bandmate, Lou and Jake have not spoken since Jake left for LA five years ago. Lou has always wanted to get out of Wawasee and is bitter towards Jake for leaving the band for LA and his subsequent perceived success.

Sully Teller (34)
Sully was The Strangers manager/driver and is Jake's partner-in-crime when he returns home. One of the few black citizens of Wawasee, he is seen as an outsider, especially for his rambunctious ways and peculiar sense of humor. He found a home with the younger Strangers and bonded with them over their shared love of rock & roll. Sully is essentially a big kid at heart, and shares the same live-in-the-moment attitude as Jake, but may have a secret life kept hidden from Jake to keep the good times going.

Kaley (17)
A young high school senior who Jake becomes romantically involved with when she lies about her age. Kaley adulates Jake and sees him as a rebellious escape from her dull life in Wawasee.

Non-Union / Paid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

We are located in Los Angeles and looking to audition actors in the Indiana area remotely, either via skype or an online video prepared by the actor.

Please contact producer Evan Houston for more information on how to audition:  NNFU.FILM@GMAIL.COM


Finders Keepers


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Online

About the Project
Short horror film - A lonely, introverted young woman struggling over losing her former boyfriend comes across a man's wallet in a parking lot. She hesitantly seeks out the man to return it, only to find that her attraction to the man is palpable...and dangerous.
Shooting in Central Indiana.

Project Filming Dates: Dec 2014 to Jan 2015

Casting Needs

WOMAN - 21-24. White. Medium length hair, dark hair bleached blonde or dark hair willing to bleach blonde.

MAN - 24-26. White. Confident. Short facial hair/stubble.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Please send submissions or questions to kmrinker@yahoo.com