How to Open and Close a Business

May 24, 2017

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Opening a Business

When opening a new business in Indiana, it’s important to determine whether you need to register your business with the Indiana Department of Revenue. 

You will need to register your business if you:

  • Will be selling products or tangible items
  • Have employees
  • Sell food and beverages
  • Rent accommodations for less than 30 days
  • Rent motor vehicles
  • Sell tires
  • Sell fireworks
  • Sell prepaid wireless cards

To register your business with the Department of Revenue, start by registering through the Secretary of State’s INBiz website at  INBiz is a cooperative effort among several agencies to provide a one-stop source for business owners.

The department understands that business owners are experts in their trade but don’t necessarily have an interest in - or extensive knowledge of taxes. To help businesses start strong, the department offers a number of resources from specialized presentations to online resources by business type

Closing a Business

If you close your business, you’ll need to close your business tax accounts with the department. To do so, complete a Business Tax Closure Request (BC-100). You must complete a BC-100 for each location to be closed.

To verify the business closure, you must include one or more of the following:

  • Minutes of the final board of directors meeting
  • Records of bank accounts closed
  • Articles of dissolution
  • Notarized statement of dissolution from an officer of the business
  • Final utility bills
  • Proof of dissolution filed with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Books and records
  • Other pertinent information

Contact Us

Completed forms and documentation should be faxed to 317-232-1021 or mailed to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Tax Administration Processing
P.O. Box 6197
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197

If you need assistance opening or closing a business, please contact the department at 317-233-4015.