IT-40EZ Discontinued

December 7, 2016

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Do you usually file your state of Indiana individual income taxes using Form IT-40EZ?

Beginning with 2016 taxes filed in 2017, the Indiana Department of Revenue will no longer support the IT-40-EZ. Taxpayers will need to file using the IT-40 form.

In 1997, the IT-40EZ was created and made available for Indiana residents whose federal taxable income was less than $50,000. The use of the IT-40EZ form has decreased due to more taxpayers filing electronically.

Don’t worry; the IT-40 is easy to file too! You can file electronically using your vendor of choice. (Qualified taxpayers can file electronically for free using INfreefile. Visit to learn more.) To view a copy of the IT-40 form and instruction booklet, visit