Check out the Bicentennial Marketplace!

October 12, 2016

Have you checked out the Bicentennial Marketplace? The Bicentennial Marketplace is an online store run by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission that allows Hoosiers to shop from local Hoosier businesses! The Bicentennial Marketplace is open to companies and artisans located in Indiana who are producing and creating items in the state.

Customers can view items for sale by visiting the Indiana Bicentennial website. Items in the marketplace include shirts, bumper stickers, jewelry, books, coffee mugs, and much more.

Be careful when you shop online in Indiana, and be sure you pay sales tax or use tax on your purchase. Both the sales and use taxes in Indiana are seven percent. When shopping at retail stores, sales tax is applied at the time of your purchase. Use tax is owed when sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase. When you shop online, pay attention and see if your online purchases include sales tax. If they do not, you may owe use tax to Indiana. You pay the use tax on your online purchase when you file your Indiana income tax return.

To learn more about use tax, read our Use Tax FAQs.