Results are In – Tax Amnesty 2015 Final Report Now Available

September 28, 2016

Last fall, the Indiana Department of Revenue conducted Tax Amnesty 2015, a program that allowed individual and business taxpayers to pay past-due taxes from periods ending prior to January 1, 2013 free of penalty, interest, and collection fees.

The program was conducted from September 15, 2015 through November 16, 2015. Final payment plan installments were due June 15, 2016, and Tax Amnesty 2015 Expungement Request Forms are due by September 16, 2016.

A comprehensive Tax Amnesty 2015 Final Report now is available. The complete report is available here. Some of the program highlights are listed below.

  • Tax Amnesty 2015 collected a total of $188,503,936.60.
  • More than 77,000 taxpayers participated in the program.
  • Business taxpayers accounted for 77 percent of total collections, with individual taxpayers representing the remaining 23 percent of total collections.
  • Taxpayers from every Indiana county participated in Tax Amnesty 2015. Marion, Hamilton, and Lake counties yielded the highest collections.
  • Tax Amnesty 2015 resulted in collections from every state in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Although Tax Amnesty 2015 has ended, taxpayers are encouraged to contact the department if they have questions or concerns about their tax accounts. A complete list of department contact information is available at