How the department works to protect your identity

February 10, 2016 

Have you noticed mysterious withdrawals from your account? Have you gotten a bill you don’t recognize? 

These are few signs your identity may have been compromised. If an identity thief gets the right information he also could use that information to submit a tax return in your name and steal your rightful refund before you even know it’s gone. 

This year, the Indiana Department of Revenue’s Identity Protection Program continues to increase security measures to protect Hoosiers and the state from identity theft and identity fraud. Since its inception in 2014, the Identity Protection Program has stopped more than $100 million in fraudulent tax refund attempts. 

As part of the Identity Protection Program, some taxpayers will be asked to confirm their identities by taking the Identity Confirmation Quiz. Those selected to take the quiz will receive a letter from the department. The letter first asks taxpayers to confirm that the name and address information on the letter matches an Indiana tax return they recently submitted. If taxpayers receive this letter and the identity information is not correct or they did not submit an Indiana tax return, they should not complete the quiz, but rather follow the letter’s instructions to contact the department. 

The Identity Confirmation Quiz is taken on a secure website or over the phone and contains four short questions, which only the taxpayer asked to complete the quiz are able to answer. 

It is important to note that taxpayers asked to complete the Identity Confirmation Quiz are not being suspected of identity theft. The Identity Protection Program and the Identity Confirmation Quiz are designed to further protect taxpayers’ identities and tax refunds. 

To learn more about the Identity Protection Program and how you can keep your identity safe this tax season, click here