Inside DOR - What does the Taxpayer Advocate Office do?

November 4, 2015

Have you ever wanted to take a behind-the-scenes look at how the Indiana Department of Revenue operates? In the coming weeks, we’ll feature a series of blog posts outlining different divisions within the department and how those divisions work to serve Indiana taxpayers.

The department is organized into four main areas: Legal, Operations, Compliance, and Business Support. One important division housed under the Operations area is the Taxpayer Advocate Office.

The Taxpayer Advocate Office is designed to address complex and special tax situations that could not be resolved through the normal collection process. Assistance also is provided to taxpayers with financial hardships or other unique situations due to disaster or severe medical conditions. The Taxpayer Advocate is authorized to review these cases and make every attempt to collect the tax while still meeting the special needs of the taxpayer. The goal of the Taxpayer Advocate Office is to provide an avenue for the successful resolution of taxpayer problems that have not been resolved through other channels.

This division fulfills the legislatively mandated taxpayer advocate responsibilities, works with taxpayers suffering financial hardships to fulfill their tax obligations despite limited financial resources, and acts as the agency’s liaison with the Internal Revenue Service regarding federal data security.

Taxpayers either can be referred to the Taxpayer Advocate Office or may apply themselves for an offer-in-compromise or claim for hardship online at

For additional assistance, call the Taxpayer Advocate Office at (317) 232-4692 or visit

Are you interested in learning more about other roles within the department? Stay tuned – there are more “Inside DOR” blog posts to come!