What Exactly Does Motor Carrier Services Do?!

October 28, 2015

You may go to the Indiana Department of Revenue for tax-related information. But did you know many Hoosiers come to us as their resource for motor carrier services? The department’s Motor Carrier Services (MCS) Division aims to provide guidance to motor carrier companies, commercial drivers, and Indiana residents.

MCS provides services in a variety of areas including International Fuel Tax Agreement, International Registration Plan, Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting, and Unified Carrier Registration. Let’s take a look at each area and the services they provide to thousands of trucking companies.

International Fuel Tax Agreement
– Businesses that operate commercial motor vehicles in the state of Indiana are required to pay a tax based upon the fuel usage for certain vehicles. If a business uses vehicles subjected to this tax, they must be registered with MCS, have yearly compliances decals and license cards, and file quarterly tax returns. There are two types of fuel tax requirements for vehicles depending on if they travel intrastate or interstate. If a vehicle travels interstate, in more than one state, the business is required to register for an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). If a vehicle travels intrastate, in the state of Indiana only, the business is required to register for Motor Carrier Fuel Tax (MCFT). To learn more, visit www.in.gov/dor/4233.htm.

International Registration Plan
– If an individual or company is involved in commercial transportation and travels interstate and meets certain criteria, it would register through the International Registration Plan (IRP). The IRP allows each registered carrier to obtain one plate and registration cab card to travel in multiple states at specific weights. To register online for the IRP, click here.

Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting
– Any driver who is traveling on Indiana roads must obtain an oversize/overweight vehicle permit. This permit ensures the safety of the public if a vehicle exceeds certain height, weight, and width limits. The Oversize/Overweight unit provides drivers with information and resources concerning road conditions, restrictions, and more. To learn more, visit www.in.gov/dor/4243.htm.

Unified Carrier Registration
– The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) requires individuals and companies who operate commercial vehicles across the state to register and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. Companies and individuals are required to provide updated information for the UCR every two years, regardless if their information has changed. More information regarding UCR is available online at www.in.gov/dor/4235.htm.

Have more questions about MCS? Visit www.in.gov/dor/4106.htm!