Tax Warrant Expungement Overview

September 30, 2015

Do you know about the benefits of the Tax Amnesty 2015 program? In return for full payment of the base tax liability, the Indiana Department of Revenue will waive penalties, interests, and collections fees and also will release tax liens that have been imposed on existing liabilities. In addition, eligible taxpayers can apply to have tax warrants expunged from their records.

If a tax warrant is expunged, it is removed from the taxpayer’s record. Having a tax warrant on your record can negatively impact your credit. This is a great way to move forward and start fresh.

In order to be eligible for tax warrant expungement, all outstanding tax liabilities, including Tax Amnesty 2015 liabilities, must be paid in full. The taxpayer also must be current on all tax filings.

To be considered for tax warrant expungement, submit a completed Tax Amnesty 2015 Expungement Form to the department no later than September 16, 2016. The department will review and approve or deny requests within 180 days of submission.

You can participate in Tax Amnesty 2015 by establishing a payment plan. Payment plan options consist of equal payments that are based on the total amount due and the number of months available to pay. All Tax Amnesty 2015 payment plans must be satisfied by June 15, 2016. The Tax Amnesty 2015 Expungement Form should not be submitted to the department until all outstanding liabilities have been paid in full.

If you have any questions related to Tax Amnesty 2015 or tax warrant expungement, contact the department at 1-844-TAXES-IN or email us at