Tax Schools Coming Soon

September 28, 2015

It’s back to school for Indiana tax preparers.

Beginning in October, tax practitioners, enrolled agents, and CPAs from Evansville to South Bend will gather at the Indiana Tax Practitioner Institute Classes, sponsored by Indiana University and Purdue University.

These classes provide up-to-date training on current tax laws, practices, and regulations, including an Indiana Department of Revenue presentation, for tax practitioners. Additionally, these events qualify for up to 16 hours of CPE.

The department sends expert employees to present at the classes and deliver critical information about legislative changes and department updates. The department’s district offices play a key role in providing speakers at various locations.

To complement the presentation, the department creates a Tax Chapter that summarizes the information for attendees. The 2015 tax chapter will be available for the public on the department’s website starting in late December.

Providing the most up-to-date Indiana tax information through this type of tax practitioner outreach ultimately helps all Hoosier taxpayers.

Visit the Indiana University and Purdue University websites for more information including locations and dates, for the Indiana Tax Practitioner Institute Classes.