Commissioner’s Directives, Departmental Notices and Informational Bulletins

August 12, 2015

The Indiana Department of Revenue’s Tax Library provides updated information including, but not limited to, commissioner’s directives, departmental notices, and informational bulletins. These informational resources are intended to provide up-to-date tax assistance to the general public.

Information Bulletins

Any changes in legislation regarding sales or income tax are posted in the information bulletins. Such information is helpful for anyone conducting business in Indiana, employers seeking information on withholding rates, and more. To view a complete list of income and sales tax information bulletins, click here.

Departmental Notices

Departmental notices provide new or updated information on a variety of tax subjects such as county innkeeper’s tax, motor carrier vehicle operations, gasoline use tax rates, and more. Click here to view a complete list of departmental notices.

Commissioner’s Directives

In the commissioner’s directives section, you will find even more information concerning various tax subjects. For example, the most recent commissioner’s directive provides information for the regulation of transportation network companies (TNCs). This directive discusses how TNCs can register for a permit with the department in order to legally operate in Indiana. To read this and previous commissioner directives, click here.

What else is in the Tax Library? Click here to browse the department’s Tax Library for more topics.

Need help with a specific tax issue? The department is happy to provide assistance. Click here to contact the department.