INtax Has Been Upgraded

August 5, 2015

INtax, the Indiana Department of Revenue’s online business tax reporting and payment application, has been upgraded to make tax filing and payment faster and simpler. INtax has a new look and enhanced features, but the overall INtax framework remains the same.

Improved instructions, language, and alerts

Improved on-screen instructions walk taxpayers through the registration, filing, and tax payment processes. Hint bubbles provide clarification on terms and forms. Taxpayers are notified of updates or changes that affect them when they log on.

Consolidated screens mean fewer clicks

INtax processes have been streamlined. Screens are consolidated so taxpayers can navigate INtax with fewer clicks and can make changes to information on the same screen. Auto-fill capabilities use previously entered information to fill out many fields and automatically make calculations.

Updated technology

Updated technology allows taxpayers to experience faster processing time.

A valuable resource for taxpayers

Business taxpayers who don’t already use INtax are missing out; it’s a powerful tool. The upgrade is a great opportunity to experience a simpler, faster way to file and pay taxes.

Several resources are available to help taxpayers become acquainted with INtax. A step-by-step video tutorial and the INtax QuickStart Guide walk new taxpayers through the registration process. The INtax Taxpayer Guide helps business owners use INtax, while the INtax Tax Professionals Guide walks service providers through functions specific to their needs. These resources are available on the department’s website at

For more information about the upgrade, visit the department’s website at To begin using INtax, visit