Newsroom Update

July 20, 2015

The Indiana Department of Revenue’s newsroom has a new look! The newsroom has been modified to serve as a more user friendly news outlet.

The department’s newsroom is located on the department’s website here. This page contains media contact information, a media kit, and links to all department news releases.

What changed?

Each news release now includes a short, descriptive paragraph and a related thumbnail image. These changes are designed to allow users to access easily and view the department’s latest news. Without opening the full news release, you can locate the news that interests you.

Do you want to keep up with department news on-the-go? The newsroom now has the option to share the department’s news releases directly to your Twitter page. By clicking on the Twitter icon for a news release, you can send a tweet with a link to the news release.

Although the newsroom has been modified, it continues to provide the up-to-date department information you’ve come to expect.

Click here to view the updated newsroom and catch up on the department’s most recent news.

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