Tax Bills Part 1: The Different Kinds of Bills

June 3, 2015

If you recently received a tax bill in the mail, you’re not alone.

If you’re unsure what to do with your tax bill, we’re here to explain it to you.

You may have received one of two different tax bills: the AR-80 or the AR-40.

AR-80 – Proposed Assessment

The AR-80 is the first document in the collection process. It’s not actually a bill, but a notice of proposed assessment. It will tell you the tax type, tax period, due date, and amount due. It also will explain why you are receiving it.

Review all of this information to be sure it is correct. If you believe the information is wrong, you can protest the bill within 60 days of the due date. To do so, send a written request and a copy of the AR-80 to the Indiana Department of Revenue at:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Re: Proposed Assessment
P.O. Box 1028
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040

The request should be signed and dated and should explain the reason for your protest. If you don’t contact the department by the due date, Indiana law requires the department move forward with the collection process. You will be issued an AR-40.

If you have questions about this notice, you can call the department at (317) 232-2165.

AR-40 – Demand Notice for Payment

If you received but did not pay or protest an AR-80 notice, you will receive an AR-40. You also will receive an AR-40 bill if you underpaid your taxes this year.

At this point, the protest period has expired, and you have only 10 days to pay. If you do not pay or respond to the AR-40, the bill will move to the tax warrant stage. Tax warrants can affect your credit. Do not let this happen. Contact the department, pay the bill, or set up a payment plan within the 10-day period.

To protest the AR-40, mail your correspondence to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Re: Demand for Payment
P.O. Box 595
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040

If you cannot pay the bill, call the department’s Collection Division as soon as possible at (317) 232-2165.

For different ways you can pay your bill, come back in a few days for “Tax Bills Part 2: Ways to Pay Your Bill.”