Beware of Convincing Scams

April 8, 2015

A national telephone tax scam now takes aim at Indiana. This scam involves a call from a person claiming to be from the Indiana Department of Revenue.

We will never call you without first corresponding through mail. We also will never threaten to use local law enforcement.

The scammer claims there is an outstanding tax warrant in your name, and local law enforcement is on the way to arrest you. You then are offered the option to pay the alleged amount owed over the phone to cancel the warrant and recall the officers.

These scammers sound convincing and professional. They may have your personal information and can alter the caller ID to appear more legitimate.

If you owe Indiana taxes, you first receive a notice that explains the amount due. If unpaid, you receive a second notice in the mail alerting you that you have 10 days to pay. Tax warrants are not issued until this period has passed. Moreover, despite the name “warrant,” a tax warrant cannot be used by law enforcement to make an arrest.

If you suspect you are speaking with a telephone scammer, collect as much information as possible and report the scam to the Attorney General’s Office ID Protection Line at 1-800-232-2240. This information might include:

  • If the voice offers a name or badge number, capture the number
  • Whether the caller is male or female, or uses a regional dialect
  • Any background noise
  • The phone number from which the call came
  • All details the caller provided, including amount of tax owed and requested payment type

If you believe you may owe individual income tax, call our general information line at 317-232-2240.