Identity Protection Resources

March 6, 2015padlock on keyboard

Identity theft can be scary, but with resources in hand, taxpayers actively can protect themselves. Here are three important websites for identity protection:

  1. Indiana Attorney General’s ID Theft Prevention Toolkit – This secure portal is supported by the Office of the Indiana Attorney General. It’s an invaluable one-stop-shop for identity protection, including features such as:
    1. Create a cheat sheet to access all your financial account information in one safe place.
    2. Access your free annual credit reports and monitor your credit activity.
    3. Place a free credit freeze to block identity thieves from accessing your credit.
    4. Alert credit reporting companies of fraudulent account activity in your name.

  2. Indiana Department of Revenue Stop ID Theft website – Learn more about the department’s identity protection program. Our website explains signs you might be a victim, provides identity protection tips, and lists additional resources. It also hosts a tax fraud reporting form.

  3. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) identity protection website – The IRS’s identity protection website provides extensive identity protection information and tips. This website is for both individuals and businesses. Check it out to learn how the IRS combats identity theft, read the Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft and find resources for tax practitioners.

Remember, the department also has increased security features to protect taxpayer identities. To learn more, read the first two parts in this identity protection series: