A Message from an ID Thief

Feb. 4, 2015 - TaxTalk blog

id thiefHi, my name is Tom Thief, and I’m an identity thief. Today, I’m going to share with you how I plan to use your identity this tax season.

What I steal
My specialty is tax identity theft. First I will steal your identity. If your computer security is low, I might hack into it. I also might steal bits of your identity when I enter your home as a friend or guest, or I’ll dig through your trash for bank statements you haven’t shredded.

Once I get your information, I’ll file a tax return using your name and information. I’ll request your refund before you do, so your money gets sent to me instead.

Once my—or rather, your—return processes, the money will be sent to me. I might have it sent to a mailbox I easily can break in to or to a bank account I’ve set up using another one of the identities I’ll steal.

Other Ways I Use Your identity
Sometimes I branch out and use identities in other ways. I might use yours to open a credit card or to get a loan in your name. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to use these accounts for years before you check your credit and realize what I’ve done. Once you do, I’ll just steal another identity and open a different account.

Your Kids’ Identities
I might steal your kids’ identities too. These stolen identities have a longer life, because you probably won’t check your kids’ credit reports for years. By that time, I will have been able to open credit cards and get loans in their names. I admit, once they figure out what I’ve done with their identities, it will probably cost them years to erase the bad credit and re-establish their identities. It also might make it difficult to get a college loan. But who needs college? They can just become an identity thief like me!

From the Indiana Department of Revenue…
This year, the department continues to increase its return processing security features to stop criminals like Tom Thief from getting away with your money. Stay tuned on Friday to learn how, or read the first blog in this identity protection series, How to Protect Your Identity.

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