Department Offers New and Small Business Tax Handbook

Sept. 30, 2014 – TaxTalk Blog

Starting and succeeding in a new or small business is both a dream for many people and a challenge for all. And understanding taxes is often one of the biggest challenges.

The Indiana Department of Revenue wants you to succeed in your business – because its people like you who bring jobs, innovation, and progress to our state. To help you along your journey to becoming a business owner, the department recently published the Indiana Tax Handbook for New and Small Business Owners.

The handbook explains the basics of starting a business and filing and paying taxes in Indiana. It will help Hoosiers who are thinking of starting a business, and who have recently opened a business, better understand their Indiana business tax obligations.

The Indiana Tax Handbook for New and Small Business Owners walks readers through:

  • Selecting a business structure.
  • Selecting a business name.
  • Registering with the Indiana Secretary of State.
  • Determining which taxes to pay at the state and federal levels.
  • Registering with the IRS.
  • Registering with the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Additionally, it discusses the following tax types, including how to register, file, and pay:

  • Personal income tax
  • Business income tax
  • Income tax withholding
  • Nonresident shareholder withholding
  • Sales tax
  • Use tax
  • Food and beverage tax
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • County innkeeper’s tax
  • Special taxes
  • Other fees

The handbook is available online at It was created as part of the department’s Business Outreach Education Program.

Your dreams are waiting. Download the handbook today!

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