I-File to INfreefile Transition

As we transition from I-File to INfreefile, here is some detailed information for former users of I-File.

Of the 185,000 former I-File users from 2010, ALL will be able to use INfreefile for 2011!

Qualified former I-File users:

For most, you will qualify for one or more of the six vendor offers. Review those offers and make your selection. Follow the vendor instructions and you will find it easy and fast, and you’ll be able to file both federal and state together in one application.

  • Make certain you enter the selected vendor’s application from the INfreefile page on our website. That ensures you get to the right application to file free.
  • If you have difficulties, each vendor offers a “help” service either online, via telephone, or both. Don’t hesitate to use those services.
  • If you discover you do not qualify for some reason not immediately apparent, email us at freefile@dor.in.gov and we’ll work with you to create a solution.

Non-Qualified former I-File users:

For those who do not qualify for any of the free INfreefile offers (that’s about 35,000 of you) we have made arrangements with three of the vendors to “grandfather” you for 2011. Each has a unique method of providing you the same opportunity to use INfreefile as everyone else.

Those three vendors are H&R Block, OLT, and TurboTax.

In January we will be sending notices to all 35,000 of you with key information that will allow you to use INfreefile for 2011 tax filings for free. If you do not receive a message via email or letter by January 20, 2012, email us at freefile@dor.in.gov and we’ll create a solution for you within two days.