Online Business Tax Application (BT-1) Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to the Indiana Department of Revenue online Business Tax Application (BT-1).

The online BT-1 is used to register a new or existing business for sales tax, withholding tax, out-of-state use tax, food and beverage tax, county innkeeper’s tax, motor vehicle rental excise tax, or a combination of any of these taxes.

The online BT-1 is also used to add a location to an existing business account.

The online BT-1 is secure, easy to complete, and reduces the time it takes to register with the Indiana Department of Revenue. This quick start guide covers the basic steps for completing your application.

Step 1: Review the BT-1 checklist for an overview of the information needed to complete the online application.

Step 2: Go to to begin the online process.

Step 3: Select start new to begin a new business application.BT-1 Start









Step 4: Enter the Email Address you wish to use for your contact with the Department during the application process and click continue.BT-1 E-mail Address






Step 5: Select the appropriate reason for filing the application and click continue.






Step 6: Enter the Federal ID Number (FID/EIN), Entity Name or Sole Owner Name, and click continue. Note: The taxpayer identification number (TID) will also be requested if you are registering an existing business for a new tax type or adding a location to an existing account.BT-1 FID Number









Step 7: Enter the Business Contact Information and click continue. Important Note: The Document Locator Number (DLN) will be displayed at the bottom of this screen. Please write this number down. You will need it for future reference.BT-1 Business Contact







Next Steps:

  • Enter the requested information on the remaining screens to complete the online BT-1 application.
  • Review the application to ensure it is correct prior to submitting it electronically to the Indiana Department of Revenue. A copy of the application can be printed after it has been submitted.
  • The Indiana Department of Revenue will send you an email, with the status of your application, 48-72 hours after submission. If the application has successfully been submitted, you will receive your taxpayer identification number (TID). If there are any outstanding issues with the application, you will be asked to contact the Department.
  • Please do not register for INtax until you have received official confirmation stating your application was successfully submitted to the Indiana Department of Revenue.
  • Where applicable, Registered Retail Merchant Certificates will be mailed out 48-72 hours after successful submission of the BT-1 to the Indiana Department of Revenue.
  • If you need additional assistance, please call the Indiana Department of Revenue at 317-233-4015. Be sure to have your Document Locator Number available when calling the Department.

Thank you for registering your business with the Indiana Department of Revenue using the online BT-1 Business Tax Application.