Form IT-40EZ is Correct - Worksheet Updated

The Indiana Department of Revenue did find an error on a worksheet in the IT-40EZ as the taxpayer explained. This is on a worksheet, but it is not on the form, which is important to point out to anyone hearing about this matter. A relatively small number of taxpayers use the IT-40EZ.

However, we did identify the worksheet error in the printed booklet in December—after it had been mailed out. 

Secondly, we have corrected the error on the downloadable worksheet found on our Web site (Corrected Worksheet). It is correct in that location as well. Furthermore, we have verified with tax software vendors across the nation that they have the correct worksheet programmed into their products.

Additionally, we have made a programming change in our system to automatically identify any paper returns that might be impacted by this transposition error on the worksheet. We anticipate that less than 100 taxpayers using the IT40-EZ will be impacted by this error, and if they are, the error is very likely to work to the individual taxpayer’s advantage in terms of amount of tax due (if any is due), or refund due.

The Department of Revenue apologizes for this typographical error on the worksheet. We anticipate that the corrective measures we have put into place will help to minimize any impact to the taxpayer.

The Department of Revenue will not be reprinting the IT-40EZ booklets, as very few taxpayers today use this particular printed booklet and associated paper forms.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Indiana Department of Revenue at 317.232.2240.

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