Electronic Forms for Developers

This page is for software developers whose software packages generate hard-copy Indiana tax forms.

Who should register?

Any software company that offers an Indiana product should register with the department, even those who are incorporating forms developed by another company. Developers using another company’s forms, will still need to register, submit test materials and go through the approval process. Form processing is highly automated and testing is required to make sure data can be accurately captured from vendor forms. The department does track the registrations and form approvals in order to accurately answer inquiries from individuals and tax professional regarding approved vendors and forms.

Registered users may proceed to Final Forms Area.

An e-mail account has been established to handle your questions, correspondence and form approvals more efficiently. The account is: forms@dor.in.gov

Since form information is now distributed via e-mail and online, we ask that you register your most current contact information with the department every year to ensure that you are receiving these important updates. Please complete Indiana’s Software Developer Registration form to register your interest with us and receive a user ID and password to access specifications.

Note that each product and platform (MEF and paper) combination must be registered.

Proofs for Registered Users