Financial Institutions

Name State Form Number Description File Type
FIT-20 Booklet SP 244 Financial Institutions Tax Instruction Booklet pdf
Form FIT-20 44623 Financial Institution Tax Return fill-in pdf
Form FT-ES 49410 FIT Estimated Quarterly Payment fill-in pdf
FIT-20 Schedule E-U 44622 FIT Apportionment of Receipts to Indiana fill-in pdf
FIT-20 Schedule FIT-NRTC 44625 Indiana Financial Institution Nonresident Tax Credit fill-in pdf
FIT-20 Schedule H;
Schedule FIT-2220


Members of Unitary Group Filing a Combined Return;
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Financial Institutions
fill-in pdf
Schedule FIT-20NOL 44624 Computation of Indiana Member's NOL Deduction fill-in pdf