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About the Commission

The Indiana Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission was created by Public Law 7-2001 to highlight Indiana's important role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition and assist with events to commemorate the Expedition's bicentennial beginning in 2003.

The Indiana General Assembly directed the Commission to:
  • Educate Indiana residents and the nation about Indiana's important role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  • Assist local governments and organizations with planning, preparation, and grant applications for bicentennial events and projects.
  • Coordinate state, local, and nonprofit organizations' bicentennial activities occurring in Indiana.
  • Act as point of contact for national bicentennial organizations wishing to distribute information to state and local groups about grant opportunities, meetings, and national events.
  • Plan and implement appropriate events to commemorate the bicentennial.
  • Seek federal grants and philanthropic support for bicentennial activities.
  • Perform other duties necessary to highlight Indiana's role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Members of the Commission

The Commission is made up of six senators and six members of the House of Representatives appointed by leaders of the House and Senate, a chair and 3 citizens appointed by the Governor, representatives from the Departments of Natural Resources and Commerce, and the Indiana Historical Society.

Current members of the Commission are:
  • James P. Keith, chair
  • Kyle Hupfer, Director of the Department of Natural Resources
  • Marianna Weinzapfel, Deputy Director of Tourism--Department of Commerce
  • Dr. Claudia Crump, Indiana Historical Society
  • Dani Cummins, citizen member
  • Phyllis Yeager, citizen member
  • Dark Rain Thom, citizen member
  • Senator J. Murray Clark
  • Senator James Lewis
  • Senator James W. Merritt
  • Senator Connie Sipes
  • Senator Becky Skillman
  • Senator Richard Young
  • Representative James Bottorff
  • Representative William C. Cochran
  • Representative Michael Murphy
  • Representative Matt Pierce
  • Representative Thomas Saunders
  • Representative Matt Whetstone