#317- Beehunter Marsh-Greene Co., 1335.71 acres. Special Recognition: Provides public access to historical wetland property; provides permanent protection on a significant migratory route for shorebirds & waterfowl; used by endangered whooping cranes in 2004. This project consists of a 1,340-AC parcel of land in Greene Co. It contains a shallow glacial basin. The property was drained for agricultural purposes. The property was historically known for attracting mass quantities of shore birds & waterfowl. This historic wetland was enrolled in the NRCS wetland reserve program by the current owner & has been restored as a wetland by Ducks Unlimited under contract with NRCS. 2004 three federally endangered whooping cranes stopped by Beehunter Marsh on their migration route. This tract contains approx. 1,200 AC of totally restored wetland & 140 AC of upland field.