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Timber Sales

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See DetailsINBrownMichael SpaldingState GovernmentApr 24, 2014602,918YesLess Than 1 Week to Bid
See DetailsINFountainLarry J OwenPrivateMay 02, 2014487,940YesLess Than 2 Weeks to Bid
See DetailsINKosciuskoChristopher J EgolfPrivateMay 28, 201440,606 Active
See DetailsINKosciuskoChristopher J EgolfPrivateMay 29, 201455,719 Active
See DetailsINMiamiChristopher J EgolfPrivateMay 28, 201415,618YesActive
See DetailsINMonroePhil JonesState ForestApr 24, 2014276,450YesLess Than 1 Week to Bid
See DetailsINParkePerry M SeitzingerPrivateMay 02, 201457,220 Less Than 2 Weeks to Bid
See DetailsINPorterChristopher J EgolfPrivateMay 27, 201482,347 Active
See DetailsINUnionBob MayerPrivateApr 24, 201499,070 Less Than 1 Week to Bid
See DetailsINWabashChristopher J EgolfPrivateMay 29, 201451,979YesActive