This is a website to help connect Indiana's private forestland owners with conservation incentives and resource alerts specific to their unique parcel.

This application is currently available only for landowners who own 10 or more acres of forest.

By providing your email, the Indiana Division of Forestry will be able to send you resource conservation information specific to your ownership, forest type and interests.

Call (317) 232-4105 or (855) 343-6468 with any questions.

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These are dangers that pose an enormous risk to the future of your forests. Examples include wildfire, disease, and invasion of exotic insects, like the Asian Longhorned beetle or highly invasive foreign plants like kudzu. These messages will only be relevant to your immediate area. We hope to not send any alert to you.
Is a property tax incentive program where qualified forestland enrolled is assessed at $1/acre.
These are programs that offer federal, state or other funding to help supplement a landowner’s cost in doing activities, or conservation practices, on their property that provide public benefits.
Tree planting, invasive species control, wildlife habitat improvement, erosion control are just a few examples.


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