Soybean Aphid

SOYBEAN APHID - APHIS GLYCINES The soybean aphid, Aphis glycines , a native of China, was discovered for the first time in Indiana in the fall of 2000.  Surveys conducted by Purdue University have demonstrated that the aphid can be found throughout the state.  The aphid feeds on soybeans and reduces crop yield.  How much damage will be caused by this pest is unknown, but potential for significant loss is present.  The aphid also requires buckthorn (Rhamnus) as a host species in the fall of the year.  On buckthorn the aphid will mate and lay its eggs.  In the spring, the eggs hatch and the aphid returns to the soybeans. Dr. Robert O'Neil , Purdue University , Department of Entomology , is serving as Purdue's point of contact person for this pest species.

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