You've reached the online home of C-52, Indiana DNR's resident bald eagle. Here you can explore the world of C-52 and learn how you can help him (and other Indiana raptors) live a healthy life. There is also a great deal of information and news about Indiana raptors available.

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Who is C-52?

In January 1989, bald eagle C52 arrived at Patoka Reservoir. A genetic wing abnormality prevented his release as a part of Indiana's bald eagle restoration program.

Since then, he's been a living interpretive tool, allowing DNR staff to tell our bald eagle restoration story to more than 50,000 people around the state. [read more]

Eagle Facts

The life span of a bald eagle is quite long, living up to 48 years in captivity and 21 years in the wild.
Bird Handler's Blog

C-52 in 2006
Veterinarian Visits

According to veterinarian and avian diplomate Dr. Sammy Vaughn, Bald Eagle C52 is doing GREAT. Stonefield Associates and Dr. Vaughn’s team attend to all the health needs of DNR, Patoka’s birds of prey. On October 3rd, eagle had his talons trimmed. You see, an animal in captivity presents some challenges that may not be widely evident in the natural habitat of that animal.

Bald eagle, due to the inability to fly and utilize a variety of perches and uses of his talons, has a tendency sometimes to grow long talons and not to wear off in the natural manner. This wild bald eagle does NOT act well to visiting the vet, being held on a table, while his talons are trimmed or being subjected to other check-up procedure. It is yet another day in the life of a captive bald eagle. When returning to Patoka, the 2 naturalists returned C52 back to his night shelter, offered him a pool of water. Yes, he took a bath, took the food offered and was back in his familiar space.


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