Stop the Bleed: Bleeding Control for the Injured

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign launched by the White House in October 2015 with two main goals:
• Inform and empower the general public to become trained on basic trauma care in order to stop or slow bleeding during emergencies.
• Increase bystander access to bleeding control kits.

As part of the agency's training and preparedness goals, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is working to make Bleeding Control Basic courses more readily available throughout Indiana.

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Bleeding Control Courses

Bleeding Control Basic courses, part of the Stop the Bleed initiative, are free, last approximately an hour and a half in length and can be taken by anyone, including those with little or no medical training. These classes teach basic awareness and understanding for bystanders to recognize and respond to life-threatening bleeding during emergency events such as car accidents, home or work-related injuries, bombings and mass shootings.

Citizens wishing to take a Bleeding Control Basic course should reach out to their local fire department or other medical organizations within their community to express interest and receive additional information on course scheduling. IDHS will work closely with these organizations to establish training and deliver equipment to those interested in learning these life-saving techniques.

Businesses and Organizations
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security partners with local first responders and public safety personnel to administer train-the-trainer classes for qualified individuals wishing to teach the Bleeding Control Basic course. This initiative complements the training and certification programs within the Emergency Medical Services Section of IDHS.

Businesses or organizations interested in scheduling a train-the-trainer class should contact the Training and Preparedness Division of Indiana Department of Homeland Security at

Bleeding Control Kits

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security has bleeding control training kits available to loan to local organizations. These kits assist organizations in administering free Stop the Bleed Bleeding Control Basic courses to Hoosier communities.

Businesses or organizations interested in loaning the bleeding control training kits should fill out the Training Kit Request Form.

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Stop the Bleed Training Kit Request Form
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