Policy Development and Research Branch

The Policy Development and Research Branch serves as the coordination point for broader policy and research initiatives in the Planning Division and IDHS. 

The Indiana Grant Management System (iGMS) is a web-based tool that manages grants through the pre-award, active grant period, post-award and closeout phases. The iGMS serves as the primary point of management for all preparedness grants managed by IDHS.  As a result of focus group recommendations, version 2.0 of the iGMS was released in October 2008.  The newer version created proposal based funding requests along with a dashboard interface to allow instant access to critical application elements.  By giving real time access to important data, state and local partners have even greater visibility into the IDHS grant management process.  Training for the local partners is set for spring 2009.

In addition to the iGMS release, a new administrative plan for Grants Management will serve as the foundation for preparedness grant management at IDHS.  The plan clearly outlines the process for pre-award, active award and post-award activities at the state and local level thereby setting the expectations for grant management in Indiana.

GIS/Critical Infrastructure Section: Managed by Roger Koelpin, supporting the development and maintenance of a statewide geographic information system (GIS) for IDHS needs; manages and coordinates GIS grants within the State of Indiana; develops and maintains a Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (CIPP); and works with state agency Critical Infrastructure Sector Representatives, Critical Infrastructure Sector Committees and District Critical Infrastructure Workgroups; managing roll-out of ACAMS and developing agency protocols for handling sensitive information; and provides GIS support to the EOC during activations.

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