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Fireworks Permit Status

This page has been set up so that, one can verify status of the Fireworks Retail/Consumer permit submitted to the State of Indiana. You can verify the status using the facility's street number. When you enter the street number on this page and click submit button, the information and a listing of all the facilities that match the street number in our database will show in a new window. If you have a pop-up blocker, you may have to disable it to view the report. In the new window, if you find your facility and status shows your permit is ready, click the "To View/Print click here" link and print a copy of your approved fireworks permit. If you do not find the facility you are looking for and you have mailed the application at least 7 days ago, you can contact codepermits@dhs.in.gov or call 317-232-1407 to find out the status. If you have questions or concerns about using this page, Please contact DfbsDatabase@dhs.in.gov for assistance.

Reference example : If facility is at 2234 WEST WASHINGTON ST, enter 2234 in the Street Number text box below. If you are not sure about address enter at least 2 or 3 digits of the street number and click submit button. The program will find and display all the nearest matches in the database. From the report displayed you can pick the facility you are looking for. Example if you know the facility is on 131 street you can enter 131 in the box and click the submit button. It will find and display the Fireworks Retail / Consumer facility(s) details between street numbers 131000 and 131999. It will also display all the facilities that have 131 pattern in their street number, like 2131 WEST WASHINGTON ST facility.


Enter the street number of the facility in the text box and click the Submit button.

Street Number