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Accounts Payable Accounts Payable

Division of Support Services
Accounts Payable Section
302 W. Washington Street
Room E221
Indianapolis, IN. 46204

The mission of the Accounts Payable section of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is to provide timely and accurate payment processing for approved expenditures and employee travel reimbursements.

The Accounts Payable section researches payment problems, missing invoices, submits new vendor forms to the Auditor and mail the checks upon receipt of a warrant authorizing payment from the Auditor. All invoices, travel reimbursements, and payment requests have to be processed through the Encompass software system in conjunction with the processing requirements of the Auditor of State.

Vendor Invoice Processing:

The Accounts Payable section strives to process all payments promptly and efficiently within the State’s somewhat complex and cumbersome processing system. Understanding why payments take as long as they do requires an understanding of the numerous required steps.

The Auditor of State requires a Vendor Information form (State Form 53788) to set up a new vendor.  This form requires the vendor to provide the Federal Taxpayer Identification Number and an Authorization for Direct Deposit.  This process may take several weeks, depending upon how quickly the vendor provides the required forms to the Auditor. Once the vendor address and direct deposit are entered by the Auditor’s office in the Auditor’s system and the Encompass system, payment processing can begin.

Prior to issuing a payment, IDHS requires an approved Request for Expenditure (RFE). Once the RFE is approved, it is processed in the Encompass system which may take three to four days. Upon receipt of the item or items purchased, the receipt must also be processed in Encompass. At this point, the vendor invoice and appropriate paperwork is forwarded to the Accounts Payable section for payment. The Accounts Payable section then processes the invoice in the Encompass system which readies it for payment selection. Submitting a payment to the Auditor requires an original invoice, a claim voucher and voucher abstract which are processed in the Encompass software system and submitted to the Auditor on diskette. The Auditor audits the diskette and paperwork submitted for errors, prior to issuing the payment. Errors that can cause a diskette to be rejected by the Auditor are, invalid objects, incorrect Federal Taxpayer Identification Number coding, missing documentation, absence of original invoice, failed diskette, and missing vendor information on State Form 53788.  When the Auditor encounters an error the entire batch is returned for correction. The correction may take one to two days. Once the batch is corrected it is re-submitted to the Auditor. If the Auditor does not locate any more errors the batch is ready for payment. The Auditor’s office routinely takes approximately 13 days to process an invoice for payment and return the warrants or notice of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Upon receipt of the warrants from the Auditor, the Accounts Payable section mails the warrant or EFT advice to the vendor. Appropriate paper work is attached to the warrant or EFT notice so the vendor knows what the payment is for. Payments to counties are updated and the information is forwarded to the Program Manager who issued the payment request. In the case of Public Assistance disaster payments, the Public Assistance manager actually sends the payment notification with required documentation to the recipient.

In-State and Out of State Travel Reimbursement:

Travel reimbursement requests are also subject to the Vendor Information form (State Form 53788) stipulation. The Accounts Payable section receives the Travel Voucher form and calculates per diem, mileage, and other expenses.

All out of state travel must have an approved Authorization for Out of State Travel (State G-10 form) before the travel can be processed for payment. Any charges that are not on the G10 cannot be reimbursed until an amended G10 is submitted by the employee and approved by the IDOA Travel Management Office. The travel vouchers are then processed in the Encompass system which creates a voucher abstract and diskette. This is then forwarded to the Auditor of State for payment processing. The Auditor also performs an audit of the travel voucher and diskette and will reject the batch if any of the items are in error or omitted. Upon payment of the batch the warrants or EFT advice will be returned to the Accounts Payable section. Accounts Payable will attach a copy of the travel voucher to the warrant or EFT advice and notify the employee that the information is available for pick up in the Accounts Payable office, Room E221.

In-state travel is usually approved by the employee’s supervisor prior to delivery to the Accounts Payable section. Accounts Payable audits the travel for original receipts, social security number, and original signatures. The absence of any of these will necessitate the travel voucher being returned to the employee for correction. Upon receipt of the required information, in state travel is processed the same as out of state travel.

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