Foster Child Resources

Community resources
Resources are available for foster children to access, including mental health services, emotional support, financial resources, and other social services.  Please review the following sites based on your particular need.  Some sites are search engines for locating resources in your area of residence.  To obtain additional information regarding resources for your area, please speak with your Family Case Manager.

Crisis Hotlines:

  • Careline/Parent Stress Line, Call 1 (800) 244-5373 if you are having trouble finding the fun in parenting
  • Indiana 2-1-1 Call 2-1-1 for information and referrals to human services including food, shelter, employment, counseling, and much more.
  • Nineline Call 1 (800) 999-9999 for support and crisis intervention if you are caring for a teen faced with life changing issues. This line provides answers to tough questions about family, relationships, health, suicide, abuse, drugs and alcohol, sex and running away.