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Why Get Involved?

During your time in college, you will be bombarded by hundreds of activities on your campus. Although you should leave enough time for studying and homework, getting involved on your campus is important. Numerous studies show that students who are engaged in their college career can expect the following:

  • A better GPA
  • Fewer disciplinary problems
  • Support network of friends and advisors
  • Increased critical thinking skills
  • Increased desire to learn
  • More likely to graduate on time
  • More marketable résumé

Whether a member of an athletic team, the campus programming board or a history club, you can expect to achieve some if not all of these skills and benefits.

To get started, browse through all our ideas for ways to get involved on campus, or check out your college’s homepage.

IUPUI’s International Festival offers a fun opportunity to get involved on campus.
(Photo credit: IUPUI.)